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LPGuard’s Best Cameras With Facial Recognition In 2021

Step up your home’s security with our list of the best facial recognition cameras in 2021. 


Facial recognition was only seen in sci-fi movies decades ago. Today, it’s used almost everywhere. Phone companies are including this feature to enhance the device’s security features. It’s also beneficial for homes, office buildings, warehouses, etc. 

In perspective, facial recognition uses AI-technology to distinguish human faces. The technology uses different aspects to successfully recognize a person’s face, such as cheekbones, eye sockets, jawline, eye shape, etc. These factors help the technology recall the owner’s face. 

Moreover, the technology has significant benefits. The most notable are: improve security, faster data processing, smoother integration, and automated identification, among others. Do you want to take advantage of this technology? Here are our best picks for the best facial recognition cameras in 2021. 

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Digital Trends 

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor, as the name suggests, is an indoor camera. It features free person detection, 1080p HD video, and a speaker. The speaker is said to be at least seven times the power of the Nest Cam Indoor. 

Moreover, it includes Net Aware, which allows familiar face alerts, and other notifications are more helpful. Also, it brings along some significant capabilities kile familiar face alerts, person alerts, night vision, 24/7 uninterrupted streaming, powerful zoom capabilities, up-to three hours of snapshot history, and cloud storage. 

The Nest Cam IQ indoor camera has a beautiful design. In fact, if this is a beauty pageant, it would take the title. Additionally, it has an impressive 130 degrees diagonal field view and 12 times zoom. This is a helpful feature for authorities in case there’s an incident in your home. 

This camera fetches a price tag of $299. Kinda hefty if you ask me. While this may be true, still the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a high-quality camera in today’s tech standard. 

Tend Secure Lynx

Tom’s Guide

The Tend Secure Lynx is an excellent indoor and outdoor security camera with facial recognition features. It has a weatherproof enclosure for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s easy to install with some notable capabilities included. 

For one, it has free cloud storage for recorded video footage and a Google Assistant voice command support. Likewise, it has a solid video recording quality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the capability to interact with other smart devices. 

The enclosure fetches an IP65 waterproof rating. This means that it can handle outdoor elements. Additionally, it uses a facial recognition technology similar to the Lynx indoor. It also identifies familiar faces but makes sure to register them in the Facial Recognition Library. 

This camera streams a market standard 1080p video with 30fps and 100-degree field of view.  The power port and reset button are located at the back of the camera while the motion sensor and LED indicator are on the front. There’s also an infrared LED that offers up to 25 feet of night-vision footage. 

In addition, this camera provides an 802.11n or 2.4GHz of Wi-Fi radio, an internal battery, and storage. The storage allows up to three days of video storage. You can also take advantage of its seven-day free cloud storage of video recording, but you need to subscribe to a 30-day plan that costs $9.99 a month. 

Nest Hello


If only we’re talking about facial recognition, the Nest Hello camera will surely win the prize. Not just about the camera itself, but this camera is also the cheapest on our list. But there’s more. It isn’t just about facial recognition; it also includes the Hello doorbell’s eye-level location which gives you the best chance to monitor your visitors. 

Unfortunately, the facial recognition feature requires you to subscribe. This also includes facial identification that lets you avail the Nest Award cloud subscription service. More importantly, this camera offers impressive video quality. 

It features a 1600 x 1200 resolution video using a 160-degree field of view. This translates to crystal-clear video quality. This is a very handy feature in case there’s an emergency or an incident that requires the help of local authorities. 

Overall, it’s a top-quality facial recognition camera. You’ll love the size, functionality, versatility, and reliability that the device has to offer. Although it’s not perfect, it still got some of the most advanced functions and an excellent video doorbell available in the market today.