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LPGuard’s Best Airpods Alternatives Below $100

We have the best AirPods alternative that costs less than $100. These are the best we’ve seen in the market that won’t break your bank. 


Looking for the cheap AirPods alternative? You just came to the right place. These are the true wireless budget earbuds that are worth every penny. 

How much time have you spent poking around Amazon looking for the cheapest wireless earbuds? I know I’m not the only one. Even with the discounted price, Apple Airpods still poses a hefty price. Fortunately, there are a lot of wireless earphones in the market today with high ratings that work well with iPhones and Android devices. 

Unfortunately, most of the cheaper earbuds don’t come close to the original Apple AirPods. In fact, some aren’t even worth listening to music with. On the other hand, there are cheaper AirPods alternatives that are good enough to be in the true-wireless headphones category. 

With excellent sound performance, background noise filtering, long battery life, touch control, etc., these truly wireless earbuds are our top picks for the best AirPods alternative. Make sure to check each of them and see which one suits the audiophile in you. 

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 features an intriguing design. But that doesn’t stop there. It delivers an excellent sound quality for only $80. This wireless earbud is available in two colors; black and white. 

Moreover, this second-gen model comes with a USB-C charging, longer battery life, good call, and sound quality. Unfortunately, its active noise cancellation is not on par. However, there’s a pretty good upgrade with the new Liberty Air 2 Pro model. 

Just a little disclaimer. The Liberty Air 2 Pro offers a lower price with almost the same sound quality as the AirPods Pro. Of course, this includes its compact charging case with a nice matte finish. But the most notable is its noise isolation audio design that blocks most ambient noises making it an ideal device for making and taking calls. 

Anker Soundcore Life P2


The Soundcore Life P2 is almost half the price of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 but remains a really good option. This earbud lies horizontally in its case as opposed to the vertical design that you can see in most true wireless earbuds. 

You’ll notice that the Life P2 has that cheaper feel to it if you compare it with the Liberty Air 2. There’s also the downside. Its audio is not clear when played with well-recorded tracks. Also, the bass is not that excellent either. 

On the other hand, it can be forgiven thanks to its warm sound. You’ll also notice that the Life P2 doesn’t feature physician buttons instead of controls. Likewise, it comes with four microphones. The two help reduce noise when making calls in loud locations. 

With that said, they do a good job at reducing background noises. On the flip side, your voice doesn’t sound as good when making calls compared to the Liberty Air 2. This earbud uses USB-C charging. There’s more. It has a longer battery life and an IPX7 water-resistance rating. 

Ear Fun Free


The Ear Fun Free is already available in the market since last year. Since then, it has some really noteworthy updates that greatly improved its performance. With that said, it features Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C and wireless charging, and an IPX7 waterproof rating. 

The next question is, does the earbud sound better? Let’s put the other details in. The earbud has a decent sound. Unfortunately, it isn’t on-par with the high-end true wireless earbuds. On the bright side, it has a chunky bass with enough mids and highs that makes you feel you made a pretty good deal. 

Additionally, it’s good for making calls, the battery lasts up to six hours, and the case gives up to four chargings. 

Fiil T1X TWS


In 2017, Fiil was launched in the US. The company claims that it’s the top-selling headphone brand from China. In fact, it claimed that it’s as popular as Beats. Since then, we haven’t heard much about it. This year, the company launched the T1X TWS for only $36. It’s a pretty solid true wireless earphone. 

In fact, it delivers an excellent value-for-money when talking about sound quality. Thanks to the boost in the treble department, an added touch of clarity sure did make a lot of difference. It fits well in your ears and pairs smoothly with your phone. 

Likewise, it features an IP65 sweat-and-water resistance rating. This means it can handle a sustained spray of water. Also, the battery life lasts up to five hours on a full charge. What’s even surprising is the fact that it comes with a quick charge feature that provides up to two hours of power for only 10 minutes of charging. 

It has a compact charging case, USB-C, touch- control on the buds, and a companion app that allows you to adjust your sound’s EQ settings. 

Earfun Air


The Earfun Air earbuds feature a good design, compact charging case, comfortable, fits well, and some added features. The music pauses when you take one earbud out of your ear. It also works well for taking and making calls, longer battery life, and an IPX7 rating. 

Any issues with the earbuds? The first thing I don’t like about the Earfun is treble. Well, I’m talking about the first version. It has too much treble for me. In fact, my ear felt a little fatigue after using it. Fortunately, the new Earfun has significantly better sound quality.

JLab Audio Epic Air ANC  

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The JLab Audio Epic Air ANC is an impressive earphone that fits really well in your ear. It’s comfortable and includes an assortment of ear tips that fit securely. And added bonus, it features an IP55 water-resistance rating. 

As with the sound department, it has a pretty decent sound quality along with its active noise canceling. It has a compact wireless charging case that can be charged with an integrated USB cable. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a neat noise-canceling performance so don’t expect too much. It works well enough despite the background noise. But a little reduction would surely help this earbud score higher. 

Tranya T10


The earlier Tranya Timor is an admirable earbud, but the newer T10 is highly recommended. It looks almost similar to the Rimor. However, there are significant improvements that make it a great choice. Not to mention that it only costs $40. 

Here’s what we found out. The battery life improved greatly up to eight hours, better water-resistance rating, upgraded graphene drivers, and the AAC and AptX codec support. The case supports wireless charging and a USB-C. 

Unfortunately, it’s like most earbuds from China that are sold on Amazon. It has a generic feel and look. The case especially.  It also doesn’t fit perfectly in your ear. For the sound, it has a pretty decent sound quality with crisp bass and good detail on the mids and highs. 

In addition, it’s good for making calls, good enough with the noise reduction. 

1More Comfo Buds

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1More Comfo Buds feature mini ear tips that they claim would help secure the earbuds. Although it might be true, the big downside is that it doesn’t sound too good. The bass lacks the crisp sound that you would appreciate. 

On the other hand, it’s pretty light and wears comfortably. Another worth noting is that the charging case is narrow and compact. It’s available in white and black versions and kinda looks like a hotdog bun. 

Earfun Air Pro


The Earfun Air Pro fits comfortably in the ear, a good noise-canceling, and a nice balanced sound. It’s also clear with a crisp bass. All-in-all, it’s an excellent sounding earbud. With these features, it’s almost a no brainer that it’s good for voice calls. 

Likewise, it reduced ambient noises, long battery life up to seven hours, and an average IPX5 rating. This means it’s splash-proof. It’s a good value-for-money earbud at $72.