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LPGuard’s Best Monitors Under $200 In 2021

Produce better results, improve productivity, work efficiently, gain a new gaming experience with dual monitors. We got the best monitors for under $200. 

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Extra monitors offer an improved gaming experience, easier video, and photo editing, lightens copy and paste tasks, manageable multitasking, and many more. These are just some of the benefits a dual monitor setup can provide. 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we live our lives. With work and study from home becoming the new normal, a decent rig can do the job well. However, having an extra monitor will improve the overall experience. 

The good news is, there are decent monitors in the market that won’t break your bank account. Let alone hurt your pocket. But more importantly, these are from some of the best monitor brands in the industry. 

Auzai ME16Z01 FHD Portable Monitor 

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The Auzai ME16Z01 portable monitor is a budget-friendly monitor. It’s a good second screen with a lot of features. Here are some of its most notable features: 

  • Can be used outdoors 
  • Supports 1920×1080 Full HD resolution 
  • HDR compatible
  • Strong audio with 3..5mm jack for headphone
  • HDMI to mini HDMI, USB-C – A, USB-C – C
  • Built-in UI display adjustment 
  • Slim and light 
  • Comes with a stand case and screen protector 
  • Includes a magnetic stand 

Unfortunately, if you’re expecting color accuracy and vibrancy, this isn’t your best choice. This portable monitor will not replace the performance of high-end brands. Likewise, the performance isn’t good for gamers and graphic designers. 

Asus ProArt PA248QV

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Are you doing photo editing? If yes, this one’s for you. The ASUS PA248QV is the best monitor for photo editing tasks that is under $200 thanks to its accurate IPS panel and consistent colors from Delta E 2 factory calibration. 

But that’s not all. The monitor provides a wide range of additional features like different connectivity options and a complete-ergonomic stand. The ProArt PA248QV offers a 1920×1200 IPS monitor which makes it a great choice for photo editors and designers on a tight budget. 

BenQ EW2780 


The BenQ EW2780 is a premium 27-inch 4K monitor. While it’s smaller, it’s also smarter. It can be credited to its compact design and USB-C connectivity. The truth is, business monitors, don’t always have to be big. This is especially true with 4K and UHD monitors with standard resolution. This is great news for the middle and higher-tier content creation monitors. 

The EW2780 features BenQ’s unique HDRi technology. This is a kind of HDR emulation mode that tends to increase the contrast along with HDR content processing. The technology is the same as the basic VESA Display HDR400. 

Dell SE2719HR

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The Dell SE2719HR is an affordable 1080p IPS monitor. It features a 27-inch, 1080p screen, which makes it an ideal monitor for home and office use. Although it doesn’t offer complete specs, it promises a clear display with a sleek and sophisticated design. With this combination, the Dell SE2719HR becomes a desirable option. 

The monitor delivers 1920 x 1080 resolution with 60Hz of refresh rate and 5ms response time. Unfortunately, its biggest flaw is its inferior performance with color quality with 92% gamut coverage. But don’t get frustrated. The SE2719HR is enough for daily use. 

LG 27ML600M-B


The LG27ML600M-B features an attractive all-purpose monitor. But that doesn’t end there. The truth is, it’s a great monitor for both work and play. This is mainly because of its slim bezels, which offer an immersive viewing experience. Not only that. It also delivers a fast 5ms response time and a 75 Hz refresh rate. 

Additionally, it delivers smoother frames thanks to the AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. It also comes with a Black Stabilizer that enhances dark scenes without compromising the brighter areas.