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Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review: The Best Workout Earbuds?

The Bose Sports Open Earbuds is not your usual sport earphone. Aside from excellent quality sound, it uses an exclusive Bose OpenAudio technology. Here’s everything you need to know about this athlete-friendly earbud. 

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Looking for an excellent sports earphone? This one might be the best for you. Bose Sport Open Earbuds got everything you need for any sport training possible. Great sounds, new technology, perfect fit, and many more. 

This new earbud is your new running buddy. It’s the first earbuds that don’t go inside your ear. In fact, it just rests right on top of your ears. This earbud lets you experience natural listening while others won’t hear anything. 

All you have to do is play your playlist, get your mood going and stay connected while running or doing your training. All of these can be done at the same time. It’s designed and tested for extra stability and comfort. Thanks to its specially molded, natural curve, it rests perfectly in your ear. 

Bose’s OpenAudio technology is already used in Bose’s Frames audio sunglasses. Moreover, the frames cost a hefty $250 price tag. With that said, this new earbud is the first to use this technology but with an added bonus. It features an IPX4 water-resistance rating. That means it can handle water splashes similar to the Apple AirPods Pro. 

Excellent Sound Quality

With the sound quality department, Bose’s Tempo Frame audio glasses are top-notch. While the Frames uses 22mm drivers, the Sport Open Earbuds uses 16mm drivers. But it’s notable that the closer the device gets into your ear, the better the sound quality gets. At least for the bass, that is. 

But speaking about both technology, bone conduction for the earbuds audio sunglasses, the Sport Open Earbuds have better sound. It’s crisp, clear, and natural sounding. There are just enough bass and natural mids. 

Unfortunately, you can’t get the exact bass extension or the kick that comes with the standard in-ear headphone like the Bose Sport Earbuds. If you’re into the lows, this earbud will not suit you. However, if you’re doing training or just doing exercise routines for running, biking and cycling, you’ll get a pretty decent, acceptable sound. 

On the other hand, the call quality is a downside. There are two microphones installed located at the right earbud; this is particularly for making calls, by the way. According to the company, this is an advanced microphone system to make for a clearer voice but reduces wind and other ambient noises. 

To get the most out of your calls, make sure to do them in quiet environments. Additionally, hearing your natural voice is nicer when making phone calls compared to when your ears are blocked. We just hope Bose will improve its noise reduction, especially when taking and making calls with its firmware upgrade. 

Compact, No-Battery Case 

What’s unusual about the Sport Open Earbuds is the battery-less charging case. The good news, it’s compact and lightweight, even with the size of the earbuds. On the flip side, it comes with a charging dock, which is another thing to worry about if you lose it. However, the earbuds are easy to drop in the dock thanks to the built-in magnets. 

Battery life is also impressive. It can last up to eight hours for a 50% volume level. It’s a decent performance. Surprisingly, the earbuds have a sweet spot between 50% and 75% volume. That means you don’t have to crank it up to 90% or 100%. This volume level will result in a distorted sound. 

When this happens, you can expect a battery life of about six to seven hours. The Sport Open Earbuds don’t have built-in touch controls. Instead, they’re equipped with a single-tiny button in each earbud for playback control. Also, they don’t automatically turn on and off. 

There’s the Bose Music companion app. It lets you shut off automatically after setting an interval. You can start with five minutes if you’re not playing any audio content. The app provides limited customization. Additionally, it doesn’t come with a multipoint Bluetooth pairing. 

Notably, pumping the volume up to more than 70% will start the sound to leak. That means people nearby can hear what you’re listening to. This also applies when you’re talking to someone over the phone. 


While it comes with some downsides, the Bose Open Sport Earbuds is a good sports earphone. Definitely, it’s not for everyone. One thing to consider is the $200 price tag. But to runners, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the open ear headphone concept. 

On the other hand, it’s the same with the Bose Frames. But it’s still a matter of personal preference. Moreover, it’s comfortable to wear. Here’s a bonus. Make sure to purchase when the store offers a good return policy. While this doesn’t seem too suggesting, it’s one of the products that you either love or hate.