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How To Refresh, Reorganize, And Declutter Your iPhone And iPad In 5 Simple Ways

Get better performance, increase productivity, and have more storage space with an uncluttered iPhone or iPad. Here’s how. 

The New York Times

Are you bored with your iPhone or iPad? You’re most likely doing well when you refresh your device. Here are five tips to get the most of your smartphone without buying a new one. 

Cleaning your home isn’t only about getting the cobwebs, taking the garbage, or dusting your entire home. The truth is, you also need to get some of the unused stuff and place them somewhere to store them. It’s called decluttering. 

Just like your home, your iPhone or iPad needs to be decluttered from time to time. This will give the software its most needed tune-up. As a result, you’ll have more storage and get your device running like new.

Likewise, even simple tweaks like reorganizing your app by moving them or changing your wallpaper can have a positive impact on your working habit. Do you want to declutter your iPhone? Here are five easy steps to do that. 

Reset your home screen layout

Home Screen layout can be boring. Often, you will find yourself moving the app, widget, or folder around just to change how it looks. However, this step will give your iPhone and iPad a fresh new look. 

Tap on the Setting > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This option will bring back the built-in apps to their original position. This will allow you to rearrange and organize your phone. 

Delete unused apps 

Old, unused apps take up more storage space on your phone. They also clutter up your home screen and pose a risk as they can check your location and monitor your contacts and calendars. 

Instead of letting these apps take up space and access data, it’s essential to delete them if they’re not in use. Here’s another method. Tap the Settings app, go to General > iPhone/iPad Storage. 

Scroll through the apps installed on your device, look for the apps that you’re no longer using, tap on it and select Delete App. This method works well if you have lots of apps to delete. 

Use Apple’s Shortcut apps for a new wallpaper every day

After you have set up your home screen, using Apple’s Shortcut app is an easy way to get your iPhone a fresh new look on a daily basis. Here’s how to use the Shortcut app. After you added, the next step will require you to create your own automation on the app. Use the automation tab located at the bottom of the screen. 

Next, choose a date and time you want the app to run, then select Run Shortcut, and choose the Unsplash Wallpaper shortcut. The shortcut will only run at your set-up time. As a result, you’ll have new and fresh wallpaper every single day. 

Prioritize your subscriptions 

Since a lot of apps are going into the subscription model, it becomes easy for users to forget what they have signed up for. With that said, you need to get a better view of your subscriptions, including the cost and the renewal date. 

To do this, you need to go to Settings > iCloud > Subscriptions. This will give you the list of what you have signed up for using your Apple ID. Tap to choose which you want to cancel. On the other hand, you’re still allowed to use the app or service up until the set renewal date. 

Reset your device

This method works well if you really want your phone to look new. You’ll get a clean slate without having to go to the trouble of deleting and cleaning unwanted apps. However, this step requires careful attention. 

Moreover, you need to keep in mind to choose only the Reset All Settings option and not the Erase All Content and Settings. By doing so, your phone will get a factory reset; all apps will be removed, including accounts and documents. 

Furthermore, give yourself time to learn more about the useful features of the iOS 14.