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Why You Need To Buy Apple’s New iMac and iPad Pro 2021 Right Now

The new iMac and iPad Pro 2021 are facing supply shortages. 

The DaySpring Times 

These new Apple devices are officially released. Unfortunately, they might be on limited supply during its first year. The news came from Apple CEO Tim Cook during their Q2 2021 earnings call. 

This is mainly due to the current shortage of chipsets all over the world. In his own words, the Apple CEO said, “We expect to be supply limited, not in the demand.” He was referring primarily to the new iPad Pro and iMac models. 

Moreover, the global shortage will affect both product lines as the year progresses. According to Cook, there’s still no clear indication of when it will end. As for now, the Apple CEO’s only answer is, “it’s still difficult to provide a good answer.”

Another problem is the fact that they don’t know the actual product demands will come from other companies in the succeeding months. So, should you wait for the iPad Pro 2021? Apple didn’t give details on how the shortages will proceed in the months to come. 

One thing is for sure, though. There will be a limited supply. On the other hand, pre-orders for the new iMac and iPad Pro 2021 models will start on April 30, but the shipment will commence in May. 

In addition, these devices use Apple’s powerful in-house designed M1 chipset. It’s the same technology used for the remarkable performance of the M1-powered MacBook Air. With this, the new models are sure to make Apple fans drool over.