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LPGuard’s Top 8 Smart Gadgets In 2020

We’ve got the best gadgets this holiday season. These products make perfect gifts for your loved ones. 

Business Insider

The tech space is moving pretty fast. Sometimes, it’s better to stop and look around every once in a while. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna miss out a lot. Say, a ring that can answer or make calls, self-cleaning water bottles, tech makes perfect gifts these days. Make sure to check our list, we’re quite sure you’ll find something interesting. 

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The Verge

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is a remarkable True Wireless device. It sits comfortably and securely in your ear even when you’re out running or whatever exercise routine you might have. Likewise, it’s a sweat and water resistant earbuds with an impressive noise cancelling feature. 

Furthermore, it comes with an excellent sound quality and a long battery life. In fact, it can reach up to six hours on a single charge. The wireless charging case is capable of up to two extra charges which makes about 18 hours of total use. With that said, it’s not exactly cheap but a good value for your money nonetheless. 

Chipolo One Bluetooth Key Finder


Have you ever misplaced your keys? Most of us do! There’s good news. You don’t have to worry about losing your keys again. Thanks to Chipolo. It emits up to 120db sound that helps you find your keys. But not just your keys. This includes phones and other valuables. 

But, there’s more! The battery can last up to two years and it can be replaced easily. It’s a very functional device that’s very affordable. 

Fitbit Sense 

Fitness is essential especially among millennials. That’s because we dominate the majority of the workforce. The truth is, sitting down with breathing exercises is in theory as good as running a 10k marathon. With this in mind, the Fitbit Sense is the best fitness watch. 

It features temperature, blood oxygen levels, stress, sleep and fitness trackers, etc. There’s more. It comes with an ECG app to know your heart rhythm. It’s an all-around fitness watch that will help take care of your physical and mental well being. 

Therabody Wave Roller


The Therabody Wave Roller is made to enhance your flexibility, improve recovery, and create a relaxing feeling for your muscles. Therabody is a popular brand for massage guns and they just released a Bluetooth-based foam roller for muscle relief before and after exercise. 

It features a strong vibration technology with up to five intensity settings. It also comes with an app that lets you customize depending on your personal preference. In addition, it has 3-hour battery life. 

Momax UV-C LED Sanitising Pen


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep our stuff free from bacterias and viruses. It’s also important to follow health safety guidelines which include constant hand washing, using face masks and face shields, maintaining social distance, using alcohols and hand sanitizers, among others. 

While we can do these to our bodies, the devices we use on a day-to-day basis becomes highly susceptible. For this reason, Digital Walker, a famous gadgets and accessories retailer created the perfect disinfectant too for our gadgets. It’s the Momax UV-C LED Pen Sanitizer. 

Silentmode Powermask

Wearable Technologies

There’s no alternative to a good night’s sleep. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep is essential not just to our physical health but also to our emotional wellbeing. Silent mode Powermask ensures you get a solid night’s rest. Put it on and you’ll get blacked out almost in an instant. 

It’s made from a Japanese microfibre fabric for better light blocking and noise isolation capabilities. You can even connect your phone to the device’s Bluetooth headphones to help you sleep and meditate. 

LARQ Benefit Edition UV self-cleaning bottle 

Business Insider 

Who wouldn’t want a water bottle that gets to clean itself? Cleanliness does make a difference especially after we experience the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s face it, no matter how we clean them, water bottles get the weird smell. However, the LARQ UV self-cleaning bottle is able to clean itself with the touch of a button. 

In fact, it can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria while keeping your drink cool for up to 24 hours. Likewise, this also works with hot drinks. However, it can only keep your hot drinks for 12 hours. 

Kokoon ANC sleep headphones 


Sleeping can sometimes be tricky. Other times, it’s just plain difficult. But that’s gonna change. Thanks to the Kokkon ANC sleep headphones. All you have to do is wear it, relax and breathe. The headphone features excellent noise canceling capabilities and soft silicon pads for additional comfort. 

Now, you can drift off to a good dream while listening to your sleep podcasts and soundscapes. But there’s an additional surprise. It comes with a brainwave and motion sensors to keep tabs on your sleeping behavior including snooze and nudge.