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What We Missed During Apple’s Spring Loaded Event

From M1 Mac Pro, AirPods 3, HomePod Soundbar, etc. We didn’t get these products at their event. Guess you didn’t too. With that said, here are the products we missed during Apple’s recently held Spring Loaded event. 

Tom’s Guide

Apple remained a true innovation powerhouse with their release of the M1 chips. It’s a revolutionary new technology that they designed and built in-house. So, what can we expect from their recent Spring Loaded event? More innovations! 

As expected, Apple unveiled their new iPad Pro, the long-awaited AirTags, and the M1 iMacs. Unfortunately, the event wasn’t too surprising. That’s because we heard some rumors circulating about them long before the event happened. 

On the other hand, what could we expect from their upcoming virtual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled on June 7 this year? We’ll have some rumors here and there for sure. 

Speaking of their recent Spring Loaded event, we didn’t expect to see some new products making their debut. Can we expect them at the next Apple event? Here are the rumored new Apple products that we wish the company will announce in their next scheduled event. 

16-inch M1 MacBook Pro

The M1 MacBook Pro is only available for the 13-inch model. For the more power-driven apps, the 16-inch MacBook Pro remains the best choice. Unfortunately for the 13-inch MacBook Pro performs only as close as the 13-inch MacBook Air M1. 

With that being said, if you’re eager for the 16-inch M1-powered MacBook Pro, you still have to wait until the next Apple event. Likewise, rumors are circulating about the MacBook Pro 14-inch model. If you’re part of this customer base, you realized you have to wait also. 

On the contrary, Apple might just jump over to a better chip they would call M2 or M1X? No one knows for now! Let’s just see how things will unfold in June. 

AirPods 3

The rumors of a third-gen AirPods have been circulating for months. Unfortunately, we still have to wait. This new AirPods model is rumored to be AirPods 3 with a design similar to the AirPods Pro. 

Photos of an alleged leaked photo are already circulating online, making die-hard Apple fans get very excited. 

iMac M1

Apple introduced the new M1 iMacs with a fresh new design. The screen is now bigger thanks to its 24-inch screen. On the contrary, their biggest 27-inch model remains unchanged. However, there are rumors that Apple will make a 30-inch model. This might just be a good reason why they did so. 

Apple Soundbar

The Apple Soundbar with Apple TV integration is a long-rumored product.  Aside from increasing your TV’s volume, the soundbar and tv combo from Apple offers integration with their AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. With Apple’s unique spatial surround feature from these earbuds, you won’t worry about disturbing anyone with the loud noise. That includes even your own household. 

Apple Echo

Rumour has it that Apple is recreating its HomePod speaker with the Apple Echo. However, it still remains unclear if this really is true or not since they have already stopped the HomePod. But Apple is a company that’s known for creating something extraordinary. Who knows, we might see them in the next event. 

Apple’s 32-Inch 6K Display 

Mac Mini owners will either love or hate this idea. With a 32-inch 6K Pro XDR display, we can only hope Apple will make this affordable. But we know Apple will never make something so grand and sell it like cupcakes. 

For this reason, we can only anticipate it will cost a boatload of money.