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The Samsung One UI 3.1 is out! Here’s everything you need to know.

The Samsung One UI update is here and it’s launching to Galaxy phones. Here are some of the amazing new features that you can get excited about. 

Android Authority 

Are you a die-hard Samsung fan? If yes, there’s something you can be excited about. Samsung will launch its latest One UI 3.1 software update starting from the Galaxy S21 phone series to its other devices. 

This includes the Galaxy S20 series, the Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Flip. While the company never used its stock Android software, the company plans on using its own. Back in the early days, this design was called Touchwiz. It’s only unfortunate that it has undergone some heavy criticism.

In 2018, Samsung revealed One UI, which they intend to make navigation easier for users. Likewise, the software’s third generation was launched in December together with the Android 11. Here are some of the most interesting features of the UI 3.1 update on the Galaxy S21 phones: 

  • The updated Single Take Feature – This feature allows you to capture multiple photos and videos with a single click of the shutter button. This feature was launched for the Galaxy S20; however, it was the S21 line that gave it more effects. 
  • Object eraser – This is a smart photo editing tool that lets you automatically cut out any of the unwanted parts in your images. This does not include manual editing. 
  • Eye comfort shield – This is a new setting that provides automatic adjustment of the blue light. Blue light is emitted by your phone, which can cause eye strain. You can enable this setting using the Quick Settings panel. 
  • Multi-mic recording – it allows you to record using both your phone and any Bluetooth device simultaneously. This provides improved audio and video quality. 
  • Private Share – This feature allows you to share encrypted files while letting you set permission and expiration dates. This applies to data while giving you read-only access.