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The LG Rollable Phone Is Real And It’s Coming Out This Year

At the CES press conference, LG came up with a teaser video of its newest rollable phone. This is proof that the rollable phone is not just a concept and you can buy yours this year. 

Tom’s Guide

So, it’s true. LG’s rollable phone isn’t just a concept. At CES 2021 press conference, the Korean company showed a teaser about their most anticipated product. Likewise, they said that they would release the rollable phone later this year. 

Moreover, the teaser shows the Rollable phone features a display that extends upward that creates a larger, almost a tablet-like screen. Also, the phone’s bottom has a mechanism that folds or unfolds the display, just like the rollable OLED TVs. 

At the conference, LG only showed two videos and didn’t speak about the device. This has led to many speculations about the device being only a concept. On the other hand, TCL showed their two rollable phone concepts, including a bigger, 17-inch tablet that folds both ends.

It’s more like a treasure map. However, this too tends to be far away from fruition. Fortunately, the LG Rollable is not. In fact, the phone will be the first to hit the market. This will mark a new evolution in terms of design for rollable phones in the future. 

Furthermore, phone companies are experimenting with different shapes and concepts to eliminate old-metal box design. This, they believe, will spark a new excitement for the consumers. 

Additionally, after years of making conservative phones, LG is now showing signs of interest in different concepts. The truth is, they launched the LG Wing last fall. This device features two screens that stack together, with the top being able to swivel into a horizontal mode. Likewise, this design is useful when doing video capture and multitasking. 

As a final thought, LG is committed to following its bigger rival, Samsung, which has already established itself with its foldable Z smartphone line. Samsung launched its two foldable phones last year, the Galaxy Z Flip and GalaxyZ Fold 2. 

However, LG might just have an advantage thanks to its rollable phone.