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The Coolest New Gadgets At CES 2021

The Coronavirus didn’t stop the CES 2021. While it was held virtual, the tech space proved there’s no stopping them from making new gadgets. 


The CES 2021 was done online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the global health emergency, nothing can stop the consumer technology space. With that said, they showcased a wide range of products, including apps, gadgets, smart home devices, electric vehicles, brain-training headsets, and Alexa-powered workout equipment, to name a few.

Do you want to know what CES 2021 has in store? Make sure to read thoroughly. Here are some of the newest and coolest gadgets in CES 2021 that you should look forward to. 

Disinfecting Robots 


The COVID-19 pandemic affected us in such a very big way. This makes disinfecting robots a must to lessen the risk of virus contamination. For this reason, robots are the best alternative. The Ubtech Adibot is specially made to disinfect schools, offices, hospitals, clinics, and almost all spaces with UVC light. 

Smart Glasses

The Verge

Thanks to Google Glass’ introduction eight years ago, smart glasses are getting more popular these days. During the recent CES 2021, the Vuzix MicroLED smart glasses got some exposure time. It features a built-in projector, a size not bigger than a pencil eraser. 

Gentex Mirror

Automotive News

As the world gets high tech, the more important it is for automobile drivers to stay focused. That’s why Gentex is making sure you’re driving is safe. The company added a video screen just under the rearview mirror’s glass. This will help drivers monitor their passengers, help them when a crash happens, or it’s just a great way to eliminate bulky dashcams. 

Otterbox Gaming Accessories

Android Authority

Previously, Otterbox was only about protecting your phone. This year, they are making a big leap into the gaming accessory space. With that said, they just launched their newest products like the Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip, Easy Grip Controller Shell, Gaming Glass Privacy Guard, Easy Grip Gaming Shell, and the Gaming Carry Case. 

Stylish Refrigerators


Samsung embraced the aesthetic trend of custom refrigerators. That’s evident with their Bespoke line-up that allows you to mix and match colors and even the doors’ materials and finishes. 

True to its name, “bespoke” means custom made. Samsung’s Bespoke lineup just made its debut globally at the recent CES 2021. In addition, Bespoke refrigerators provide a fully modular design that allows you to custom-design your kitchen, starting with each door of the fridge. 

Omron Vitalsight


Health is essential and more people are getting conscious of it. That’s why the health features of smartwatches are getting a big draw. Thanks to CES 2021, we saw Omron Vitalsight. They got a new blood pressure cuff, making it easier for patients to monitor their blood pressure and automatically upload the results to your doctor. 

OWC’s Thunderbolt 4 Dock


You’ll never have to look for another charging port again, thanks to OWC’s Thunderbolt 4 dock. It features three open ports that allow Thunderbolt USB-C devices. It also supports other USB peripherals like a network cable, audio devices, and SD cards. 

Samsung’s New Robots 


Robots are fascinating creations, and Samsung is bringing them closer to you. That’s because they are releasing three new robots to help you clean your house. They will be your personal assistant, cleaner, and a security camera in one single package. 

Infinity Game Table


Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table gives new life to classic board games. Thanks to its touchscreen features. Now, you can’t lose important game instructions and pieces.

Countertop Ice Cream maker

Digital Trends

The ColdSnap countertop ice cream maker is the Keurig of ice cream. Even more so, it works like a Keurig machine. It doesn’t just allow you to make your own single-serve ice cream but also frozen margarita and fruit-based smoothies as well. 

Shower Power From Ampere

My Modern Met

Ampere launched the new Shower Power. This Bluetooth shower speaker is powered by water. Yes, you got that right. You don’t need to charge the device. It cost about $100 and available in chrome, black and white colors. 

The Frame TV from Samsung


Frame TV is Samsung’s answer for design-minded TV shoppers. The TV is only 24.9mm thick, and the sizes vary from 32 inches to 75 inches. Also, the 32-inch and 43-inch models can be set up in portrait mode. 

Grenlite Ultraviolet Light Treatment System


The new Grenlite Ultraviolet Treatment System was introduced by GHSP at the recent CES 2021. The company claims that it can eliminate pathogens in cars. Moreover, this technology is already used in hospitals, clinics, offices, and commercial vehicles. Additionally, the company is trying to integrate the technology into personal vehicles as well. 

The Rollable Phone from TCL

Android Authority

TCL is teasing the smartphone industry with its own rollable phone at the recent CES 2021. In fact, they just released their new video of the 6.7-inch phone that expands up to a 7.8-inch tablet. In addition, this can be done with just a simple tap of your finger.  

The Rollable Phone From LG


Foldable phones are hot in the competition in the mobile phone space right now. However, LG just took the competition in a new direction when they introduced their new rollable smartphone. With that said, they’re expected to release their new devices later this year.