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The Best TV’s Under $700 In 2021

Are you looking for the best budget TV? Look no further. We have the best TVs for under $700 in 2021. 


Are you thinking of getting a 4K upgrade? Or you’re looking for a TV for your bedroom? If you’re exploring other options, you might be in for a good deal. We have the best selection of affordable TVs for your budget. 

They’re big, colorful, bright, and sharp but won’t hurt your pocket. Generally, we consider budget TVs to be under $1,000. However, with that price tag, they’re mostly on the high-end side. On the other hand, there are a lot of options with just a fraction of the cost. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Larger TVs fetch high prices. However, if you step down to the 55 or 50-inch models, the price gets cut down significantly. That works with the same model as well. So, just think about getting a 42-inch TV for your room. 

Best Budget TVs

The popular brands don’t really mean the best value. While they have a great presence worldwide, their flagship models fetch a few thousand dollars more. However, there are affordable TVs with unknown names. 

Brands like TCL and Hisense are Chinese products that have made it into the US market. With that said, they have carved a name for themselves with affordable price points and excellent picture quality. 

Vizio M507-G1

Best TV for color-centered users


The Vizio M507-G1 features an excellent 4K TV. It has great picture quality and delivers uniform blacks when placed in a dark room, exceptional color gamut, excellent gradient handling, and good HDR peak brightness. 

The M507-G1 displays a fast response time. As a result, it leaves a small blur trail behind fast-moving scenes and makes a very tiny stutter in movies. Likewise, it doesn’t have a motion interpolation feature while the TV utilizes PWM to dim the backlight. 

Furthermore, the M7 shows a very low input lag. This translates to a good gaming TV; however, it loses accuracy just like most TVs with VA panels. 

TCL 43S425

Best affordable TV


The TCL 43S425 is the most affordable 4K TV that comes in different sizes. Likewise, it’s a decent budget TV that features a built-in Roku TV. It offers a good picture quality with deep blacks thanks to its brilliant contrast ratio. While it offers a decent reflection handling, the display doesn’t go very bright. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t come with a wide color gamut, and it can’t handle HDR content because it lacks HDR peak brightness. On the other hand, it has a fast response time and displays very little blur trail with fast-moving content. It’s also responsive for gaming with low input lags, but it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have an advanced gaming feature, FreeSync. 

Hisense 55H8G

The best TV for users with a shy budget


The Hisense 55H8G is a decent budget TV. It features a nice upgrade from its predecessor, the Hisense H8F. It features a VA panel with a high contrast ratio and a full range local dimming feature. This allows the TV to produce deep blacks for an exceptional viewing experience in a dark room. 

Likewise, it shows little blur in fast-moving scenes with a quick response time. Also, it has an optional Black Frame Insertion that helps in improving motion clarity. Moreover, it comes with a low input lag for casual gamers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support advanced gaming features such as variable refresh rate, VRR technology. 

The TV comes with a decent color gamut that gives rich and saturated colors in HDR content. However, it doesn’t get very bright to help make the highlights stand out. This feature is especially important when viewing in a bright room. In addition, it supports an Android TV interface. It’s easy-to-use with tons of helpful apps available at the Google Play Store. 

TCL 55R635

Best budget TV for movie streaming


The TCL 55R635 still shines as one of the best budget TVs in the market. Thanks to its MiniLED technology that boosts the contrast, thus upscaling the HD video. Unfortunately, motion handling isn’t as flawless as you hope to be, and the LED-LCD TV isn’t the brightest. 

With the inclusion of the MiniLED, it’s almost a shock. That’s because the same technology is used for the high-end 8-series model. With that being said, it’s a few hundred dollars more compared to the R635 model. 

This particular model offers exceptional value, and it’s highly recommended for budget-conscious users. Also, it’s not the best TV if you’re thinking about using it for your Xbox Series X or PS5. However, it’s still a great TV for streaming Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites. 

Hisense 55H9F

The best bright budget TV

Tom’s Guide

Let’s face it, Android TVs aren’t perfect. In fact, they’re a bit slow, and their audio quality isn’t that impressive. However, Hisense’s TV excels where it matters, image quality. Hisense made quite a surprise with its exceptionally high-quality TV at a very cost-effective price point. 

Moreover, H9F is the company’s newest release. It features 132 local dimming zones, built-in Android TV, and a modern design. This particular model features four HDMI ports with one ARC, two USB ports for power and media, 3.5mm audio output, an ethernet port, a composite unit, and an optical output. The four HDMI inputs are enough for all your streaming and gaming consoles.