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The Best Places To Sell Old and Broken Electronics in 2020

Wondering how to get rid of your old electronics that are collecting dust in your drawer? Make a little amount of cash from them instead of throwing them away. We know the best places to sell your old electronics. 

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Did you know that there are companies that are willing to buy your old electronics? Since old gadgets are unusable, why choose to keep them only to collect dust in your drawers? If you spend some time finding online buyers for used electronics, maybe you can get a good amount of cash in exchange for your investment. 

Furthermore, you can help the environment if you sell them instead of throwing them away. The truth is, we generate huge amounts of electronic wastes each year. Have you ever thought about selling your junk electronics? If so, you’re making the right choice. 

Technology evolves at a rapid speed. Your once-loved iPhone five years ago is not that trendy today and functional today. And that also speaks with other brands. For this reason, why not do something different. Sell your used and broken electronics and help save the environment while giving your old gadgets a chance to be reborn into another powerful gadget. 

Before we get to the best online buyers for used electronics, we want to give you some of the known benefits of selling your used gadgets online. 

You help the environment 

When you sell your used electronics online, you’re actually helping to save the environment. That’s because these companies are recycling old parts for newer, more powerful components. On the other hand, the usable parts are sold at a higher price. 

For the outdated ones, they will be refurbished. Even if these devices are not brand new, they will function like they were purchased yesterday after the work is done. Moreover, selling them online reduces harmful chemical emissions in the environment. 

When you trash unused electronics, the materials will start to break down and rot in landfills. It will release dangerous chemicals that are harmful to other living things. These chemicals can mix with the water and soil, which can put someone at risk. 

They can be used for other products 

Broken and unusable electronics are recycled into other usable goods. This offers a huge benefit to our planet. Unfortunately, many people take this for granted. 

Return of investment

Online companies that buy old electronics typically pay within 24 hours after they receive the item. If you’re using PayPal, you can expect a 24-hour payment. However, customers who prefer check payments will receive the payment in three business days. 

These are the best places to sell old electronics in 2020.


Payment: PayPal, prepaid debit card, check, direct deposit, and BuyBackWorld gift card. 

Turnaround: 48 hours 


BuyBackWorld buys a variety of products. It ranges from phones, tablets, cameras, computers, game consoles, drones, and iPods. You can even ask them for a custom quote if you’re selling a product that isn’t on our list. 

After they provided the quote, you need to select the method of payment. After they receive your item, they will need to inspect it. Only after inspection will you get paid. Fortunately, after they inspected the item, and if they have an adjusted quote, you can either accept the new offer or send the item back to you. 


Payment: Zelle, PayPal, or Check

Turnaround: 72 hours after inspection. They also offer a 24-hour turnaround, but this requires payment. 


ItsWorthMore requires you to answer some questions about the items you want to sell, whether it’s an old mobile phone, tablet, Apple Watch, computer, etc. The company will offer you a quote, and you can either accept it or decline. If you accept, you will have to choose what payment method you want to receive the payment. 

You can also choose to pay $15 for a two-day shipping fee or a 24-hour processing time. However, if you don’t want to pay the additional costs, you can wait for a 72-hour turnaround time. Unfortunately, processing can take up to five business days. 

After they receive your device, ItsWorthMore will verify how well your gadget works whether it’s in good condition, broken, fair, etc. But in case there’s a discrepancy, you can either ask for the device to be sent back to you, accept the offer or revise it. 

Best Buy Trade-In Program 

Payment: Best Buy gift card 

Turnaround: 7-9 business days online but instant when done in store. 

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Best Buy has a simple quoting method. You only need to provide the product category, model,  manufacturer, and condition. After you filled out the questionnaire, the app will provide an instant quote and offer you an amount. If you accept it, it will be awarded as a Best Buy gift card. 

Unfortunately, Best Buy only allows a few of its stores to participate in the trade-in program. Likewise, they have a slower turnaround time compared to others. However, Best Buy has a wider range of electronics. In fact, it matches nearly all of the electronic devices they’re selling. This includes smartphones, wearable devices, digital cameras, and even game consoles. 

They even offer video game trade-ins, gaming systems, iPhones, iPad, etc. 

Apple Trade In

Payment: Apple Store gift card 

Turnaround: Two to three weeks with online transaction but instant when done in store.  


Apple accepts trade-in programs for a wide range of products and brands, not just their own. In fact, Apple accepts all kinds of smartphones, computers, tablets, watches, and so on. However, if you have iPods and AirPods that Apple doesn’t offer a trade-in, it will recycle it for free. 

Unfortunately, Apple will take two to three weeks to complete online trading processes. So, if you want to order a new device, the company accepts credit payments with the trade-in value after it’s processed. You can visit your local Apple Store to get instant credit for your trade-in item. 

Likewise, it’s especially helpful after the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 12 models. The good thing is, Apple trade-ins are very helpful if you’re planning on purchasing a new Apple product like Mac or iPhone. 

Amazon Trade-In

Payment: Amazon gift card 

Turnaround: Two business days after Amazon inspected the item. 


Amazon’s trade-in program is a lot like retail stores. You need to make a quick search of the electronic item, provide the necessary requirements like storage, screen size, etc. and then select the device’s condition. 

Amazon will provide a quote for your electronic device. You will have to decide whether to accept the offer or decline. This online retail giant accepts a wide range of products, not just electronics. In fact, they accept wireless routers, video doorbells, home security devices, etc. 

After your item arrives, Amazon will inspect your item if it matches the description. If everything is good, the company will give you an Amazon eGift card for the offered amount. However, if the item you’re selling is in better condition, they will offer you more. 

If you choose to trade-in in the store, Amazon provides a list of locations where you can do so. In addition, Amazon states that they are accepting non-working devices.