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The 5 Best E-Bikes To Take You Around In 2020

Are you thinking about buying an electric bike? Did it cross your mind? Are you asking yourself whether it’s a good purchase in our present situation? Actually, this is the best time to do it! 


The COVID-19 pandemic really placed the whole world into a halt. Since the lockdown is relaxed, we’re beginning to go back to normal. However, public transport remains to be too risky as of this moment. 

If you have the means to purchase your own car, then you’re on the safe side. Public transport is available at a limited capacity, but there’s still no guarantee about your safety. The same goes for Rideshare cars. 

Does walking come across your mind? In my opinion, it’s not a viable option. I do regular short-to-medium travels; that’s just from my apartment to the office. An electric bike is my best bet. Does it sound familiar? 

I know not everyone would choose to drive a car for short distances. They’re not so keen about walking either, but electric bikes can cover long distances. They’re faster than walking too. 

We need to observe proper social distancing. It’s the easiest way to drop off goods to family and friends without compromising them. For this reason, electric bikes are the new kings of the road. For easy commuters, that is. 

To cut the story short, these are the best electric bikes in 2020. 

The best budget e-bike for small spaces

Swagtron EB5 Pro

This electric bike is best for a commuter with limited space. The Swagtron EB5 Pro is a folding bike that has a pedal-assist feature and an electric motor with a throttle. That means you really don’t have to pedal most of the time. 


The e-bike can travel a distance of 15 miles at a speed of 15 mph at full battery. This bike is single-speed, and you can fully turn it into a regular pedal bike. It weighs 37 pounds, but it can support a 264-pound rider. 

The Customizable E-Bike

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 1

The Rad Power Bikes can be outfitted with other electronic devices. They have nine different bike models, each for a particular purpose like cargo, kids, cargo with kids, and the one that you can ride through the mud. 


We got hooked by the Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 1. This one comes with a rear bench and footpegs. This model is a great choice for parents who need to run errands without leaving their little ones at home. 

It’s powered by a 48-volt, 14 amp-hour battery and a 750-watt motor. This bike can be pedal driven or fully electric up to a speed of 20mph. It has four levels of assistance. These features help drivers make up a steeply inclined road. You can also increase or decrease the speed to conserve battery. 

It has a step-through frame, which is ideal for mounting and dismounting. This feature is beneficial if you have a passenger or luggage at the back. The RadRunner can support up to 300 pounds of weight. 

The Future Of Folding Electrical Bikes

GoCycle GS

The GoCycle GS has a gorgeous futuristic design. It’s currently priced at $2,799. To say the least, this is not your average e-bike. The motor is located at the front with a fully enclosed chain that runs through its back wheel. 

Coach Mag

This e-bike will not let grease or lube stains on your clothes. Its rear-suspension can go on rough road patches without breaking a sweat. 

The wheels are attached using single-sided mounts. It comes as no surprise that these mounts stand out very much with the design. This also helps the owner easily remove them by hand while making it very easy to store. And it just takes very little space.

This e-bike just weighs around 36.3 pounds (ca. 16 kg) or 16.5 kg. It also comes with a Portable Docking Station. The charging dock doubles as a rolling suitcase for easy transport. That’s what you get with functionality.  

It doesn’t stop there, here’s another fun stuff. The GS settings can be controlled via Bluetooth. It supports iOS and Android devices through its GoCycleConnect App. There are two bands in the handlebar that holds your phone securely in place. 

You can change this e-bike’s assistance modes, speed, and even the toggle on and off simultaneously while riding. But here’s what you need to keep in mind. This feature would only work when you’re traveling at a speed of 4 mph. 

This is to make sure there isn’t too much pressure on the 500-watt motor. The GoCycle is powered by a 300Wh battery. It can reach a distance of 40 miles (65 km) on a full charge. It’s also able to support a rider weighing up to 220 pounds. And a throttle assist of 20 mph. 

This bike’s battery can reach seven hours or three and a half hours to charge if you use a fast charger. But these are sold separately. 

Best Discount On Last Year’s Model 

Trek Super Commuter Plus 8S

I decided to include the Trek Super Commuter Plus 8S because it’s giving away big discounts. From its original price of $5,200, it’s down to $3,600. 

Electric Bike Review (EBR)

This bike weighs about 54 pounds. It runs in an 11-speed gearset, which helps you ride at a comfortable pace. Thanks to its 350-watt, Bosch Performance Speed motor, which works perfectly in pedal-assist with most of the inclines. 

The Best E-Bike For The Deep Pockets

Trek Allant Plus 9.9S

The Trek Allant Plus 9.9S is currently priced at $6,000. That’s why I said this bike is only for those who have really deep pockets. It’s sleek and powered by a RIB or what the company referred to as Removable Integrated Battery. It’s built directly on the frame. 

Future Plc

The bike also comes with a secondary battery. This battery is a 500-watt located just above the primary RIB. It has a built-in display to track your speed and make sure every part is working at 100% capacity. 

It has a Bosch App that is compatible with iOS and Android. It can keep track of the places you visited along with your pace. The body weighs about 51 pounds, which are made entirely from lightweight carbon fiber.