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Tech Is Fighting Back Covid-19 With Their Smart New Products At The Recent CES 2021

COVID-19 forced the consumer tech conference, CES 2021, to go digital. However, tech is sure about making new products to fight the coronavirus pandemic. 


COVID-19 affected the whole world in a big way. In fact, it forced drastic changes in how we live, work, and even eat. Fortunately, tech companies are not sitting idly by. In the recent CES 2021, many companies are making new products to fight back against COVID-19. From smart masks, air purifiers, disinfectants, and no-touch technology. 

These companies knew that no technology could win against the deadly disease; that’s why most of them are focused on becoming part of the new normal. For example, just launched Touchless Video Doorbell. This eliminates bacteria and virus transmission. 

There are robots that disinfect high-risk areas like restaurants, retail stores, clinics, offices, hospitals, etc. Likewise, sensors that stick to the body are capable of detecting flu-like symptoms that are almost as accurate as the devices used in hospitals. 

Masks with built-in microphones do exist. This allows you to take and answer calls without taking your mask off. Likewise, it prevents your voice from being hard to hear. The mask is named appropriately, MaskFone. 

It becomes a daily essential as it protects the wearer and everyone you talk to against harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollution. That being said, these new tech products are helping fight COVID-19 in the new normal. 

This is especially helpful since countries all over the world have implemented lockdowns, quarantine, and other health protocols. This resulted in the wide use of virtual communication, social networking, and messaging apps to keep in touch with our loved ones. 

In addition, smartphones are using Apple and Google software to help warn when someone is exposed to the virus. This gives tech companies a big opportunity to become valuable in one of the worst situations in history. Likewise, the tech space has more power and resources today. And it’s the most unaffected.