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Say Hello To The Newly Redesigned iMac

Have you been eagerly waiting for the new iMac?  You just made the right choice. New look, more power, and an enhanced webcam. I bet you’ll love the new iMac. 


Apple made a bold move when they decided to design and create their own chips. However, they just made a big statement; they’re still the leader in innovation. Thanks to their own M1 chips, their new line of MacBook Air features more power than it can even stand up against the Intel-powered MacBook Pro. 

Let’s talk about the new iMac. It just got a fresh new look. In fact, it’s the longest design for a computer. The last redesign of the iMacs happened in 2012. That’s almost a decade of sticking to the old classic design. 

But that’s not the only thing that changed with the new iMac. In fact, it’s now bigger by 24-inches. The former was only 21-inches. But the best part? It’s powered by Apple’s very own silicon chip that they designed in-house, the M1. 

The M1 chip is even enough to make everyone excited. That’s because it’s the same chips that power the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch. On the other hand, the new iMac also features an enhanced 1080p webcam for all types of video conferencing. 

In the same token, the older 27-inch iMacs with Intel processors have the same webcam. In addition, the new iMac models have candy-colored variants. Likewise, this is not a new concept. That’s because the original 1999 Mac computers come with these very same color variants.