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Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector 2020: The Complete Living Room Projector Today

Samsung delivers a new feature-rich 4K HDR10/HDR10+/HLG laser projector for your living room. Get ready for the new generation of living room cinema projector. 

New Atlas 

Samsung comes up with the next generation of living room projections. It comes with an exceptional display, an outstanding onboard soundbar, and a lot of functionalities. Just what you expect from the industry leader in panels, TVs, and other notable devices. 

After seeing success with its 4K smart TVs, Samsung is setting its eye on smart projectors. The truth is, the company released its two models just about a month ago. They are the LSP9T and LSP7T models. After a long hiatus, Samsung finally surprised its loyal customers with a notable product after a long hiatus. 

Here’s an interesting fact: the PMA or the Projector Market Outlook, expects a significant increase in the projector market. This is primarily because of the advancement in laser technology, the rising of the 4K/8K momentum, as well as the increasing demand for short throw projectors. 

On the other hand, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people choose to stay at home and watch movies. That makes bigger TV screens, high-end graphics, and excellent sound quality become the norm. How does the new Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector score? Find out in this review. 

Samsung LSP9T review 

Samsung is back after more than a decade of hiatus. Its Premiere flagship is as impressive as it can be. The Premiere LSP9T ultra-short throw design comes with 2800 lumens of laser-powered brightness, supports the latest 4K and HDR picture quality standards, a powerful built-in speaker system, a built-in tuner, and a smart system that can rival a king sized-TV. 

With that being said, the Premiere LSP9T is an exceptional projector that features impressive brightness and color volume. This allows the maximum value of an innovative laser light source projector. Moreover, it’s a projector that can handle HDR content, even if it is designed primarily for TV. 

It has a genuine 4K look, delivers a dense, cinematic image structure up to 130-inch maximum size. Unfortunately, it’s not yet ready for next-gen gaming. That’s because of some fleeting color striping noise and casual black level failings that remind you of the device being a laser DLP projector. However, as an ultra-short throw projector, it performs better than we expected it to be. 


  • Ultra short throw designed makes it easy to place it right on your wall
  • Gorgeous, gloss white finish 
  • Impressive, powerful speakers 

The Premiere LSP9T exceeds everyone’s expectations of an optical requirement for an ultra-short-throw projector in terms of design. Thanks to its gloss white finish, it gives that premium look and feel to it. Add the grey fabric that sits on top of the speakers, and you get that nice offset. Likewise, the rounded corners are a welcome feature, too as it adds to the build quality. 

Here’s another interesting thing about the Premiere LSP9T design. It’s a little bit smaller than its many ultra short-throw laser rivals, making it easy to carry and store. Also, the ergonomic, button-lite ‘smart’ remote control blends well with its gorgeous white finish. 

Its connections are tucked neatly opposite of the projector’s wall-facing side. That makes it easy to hide stubborn cables. The only downside is, because of its size, thick cables can be hard to squeeze in. 

Furthermore, the LSP9T has three HDMI ports and an RF input. It also includes a fully functioning digital TV tuner, which shows Samsung’s vision of their new Premiere projectors as alternatives to LCD TVs. 

One of its HDMI supports eARC functionalities that support Dolby Atmos soundtracks and pass it to compatible soundbars or AV receivers. As a result, you get the full benefit of a digital optical audio output. Also, it comes with a 40W 4.2-channel speaker system that is powerful enough for most people. 

There’s also an Ethernet port that lets you connect the projector to your modem. Nevertheless, it would be in your best interest to connect the projector into your network since the Premiere LSP9T comes with the full online smart TV system that the Tizen OS’s Samsung 2020 TVs have. 

The last connection is the 5v 0.5A USB port. This allows access to AV files from USB storage devices or streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV. In addition, it lets you connect Samsung Galaxy phones to the projector for streaming purposes, and it’s as easy as tapping the phone against the projector’s body. It also features built-in Bluetooth headphone support with 4.2 sound channels. 

Tizen OS

  • TV-like  interface 
  • Supports complete collection of content 
  • Includes voice control and Apple/Android Airplay wireless support

The Samsung Premiere LSP9T implements the full capabilities of the Samsung Tizen smart TV interface. This means that you get the same benefits as the Tizen OS economically-designed menus and pop-up content. You can even use voice commands using Samsung’s built-in Bixby system using Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Likewise, it supports all major streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Disney Plus. It also supports HDR and 4K videos. 

Picture quality 

  • Exceptional bright and vibrant pictures 
  • Magnificent 4K sharpness 

The Premiere LSP9T offers a lot of unique quality features. For one, it uses a triple laser system with separate red, green and blue lasers. This creates the picture without having the light to pass through a color wheel, unlike most projectors. 

This is what makes the LSP9T pictures look brighter in the darkroom. This is extra helpful when used with high dynamic range sources. Often, the result is brilliant HDR images that you haven’t seen in most projectors. It also provides some ambient light in the room that is a big achievement for a projector primarily designed for the living room. 

Additionally, the direct RGB laser system allows the projector’s intense brightness to be partnered by the equally powerful color volume. In fact, Samsung claims that his projector can support up to 106% of the BT2020 HDR color range, the monumental 147% DCI-P3 color gamut, and the mid-bright color gamut for HDR movies. 

Audio performance 

  • Supports Audio beam technology for a more precise and larger space 
  • 40W of power with 4.2-channel configuration 
  • Better sound quality than most TVs 

The Premiere LSP9T’s built-in audio system is impressive. Thanks to the beam-based speaker system, the sound is remarkably thrown away from the projector’s chassis. This made the sound seem to come out from the rear speakers of the projector. As a result, you can hear a wall of sound that has a significant width and height that matches the position of the picture. 

Dialogue is accurately placed at the center of the elevated soundstage. This allows other effects to get proper positioning of the sound in the wall to match the onscreen action. As a result, you get a detailed sound quality without harshness and clipping on the treble effects.  


All-in-all, the Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector is a really good choice if you want a massive picture for your living room. The 130-inch picture is astounding. Add the exceptional picture quality, and every visual fantasy can be all yours. But that’s not all! It has a decent sound quality that is worth listening to. 

It’s lightweight and portable, just as you would expect from what a projector should be. Not only that, it’s smaller too. It’s a worthy investment if you’re into movies and TV shows after a long tiring work. Unfortunately, it’s not the best choice for gamers.