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Panasonic Is Launching Its Wireless Phone Car Charger At CES 2021

Panasonic just recently announced its two wireless car chargers. And it makes car charging easier and quicker. 


Tired of messy wires or spotty connections? We got good news for you. Panasonic Automotive recently announced two of its in-vehicle wireless chargers. These variants consist of a moving coil and a static coil. 

These wireless technologies will provide quick and efficient in-vehicle charging that’s more advanced than any of the ones we’ve seen. In perspective, wireless charging technology is getting more popular because most Americans own an average of ten devices per household. 

With that being said, we tend to carry these devices around when we’re traveling. This makes fast and efficient charging a must for every American vehicle. Likewise, since customers are using apps, music, and navigation which require continuous power, it opens the demand for reliable wireless car chargers. 

Furthermore, at CES 2021 in Las Vegas, many companies are willing to share what they have in store. One particular company that caught our attention was Panasonic. That’s because they announced their new in-vehicle wireless phone charger. 

Panasonic said they have committed their resources to this new technology. This is after research showed American household has at least 10 devices. For this reason, it becomes crucial for cars to have a wireless charging system to keep their devices running.