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Best VoIP Providers

Our Top 5 Best VoIP Providers For Small BusinessesIn 2020

Revamp your business’s phone calls for a cost-effective solution. Take advantage of your internet, use VoIP. 


There are many benefits VoIP systems can give to your business. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective alternative to phone calls. With that being said, the Voice over Internet Protocol system is your best choice to get ahead in this internet-driven society. 

Talking about benefits, VoIP systems will help you cut costs, increase your productivity, and enhance your time management to name a few. But to really help you improve your business communication, we include the six known benefits of using VoIP. 

VoIP Benefits for your business

Cheaper cost-per-call

It’s almost self-explanatory, VoIP system uses internet protocol. That means VoIP communications are turned into packets and sent via the IP network instead of using actual telephone lines. 

Using traditional phone lines take two callers to use that as the exact communication line. On the other hand, we all know that long-distance calls are expensive. However, using the internet to relay your call will bypass the costly expenses. 

In fact, using VoIP calls for your business’s domestic and long-distance calls are free. 


VoIP allows you to multitask. This often results in higher productivity.  VoIP phone systems grow together with your business. It comes with a feature that lets you forward messages and voicemails at a click of a button, unlike traditional phone calls.


This is relatively important since almost everyone is on-the-go. Unlike traditional phone systems that are attached to a wire and numbers are written or memorized. However, a VoIP system eliminates all these obstacles. 

Instead, it offers no physical limitations whatsoever while providing you the freedom to move you to move as the demands of your business requires. 

Conference calls 

VoIP systems collect data networks instead of using dedicated phone lines which results in the creation or participation in conference calls. While this is possible for a traditional phone system, the difference is you have to pay for additional costs. 

On the other hand, these kinds of services are native to VoIP systems. Instead of paying your phone company, why not take advantage of this available feature as an added benefit on your internet connection which you are paying for anyway? 


Telephone systems are not prone to natural disasters or power outages. Once it happens, your telephone is deemed nonoperational. VoIP system fixes this dilemma. All thanks, to the call forwarding features of VoIP systems. 

This means that you can choose where you want your calls to be forwarded. That’s because you can use your mobile device or laptop in case such a thing happens in your area. 

Efficient communication 

Today, businesses are not bound by geographical location. While this translates to traveling from one place to another, VoIP services allow you to conduct meetings, make important calls, and forward sensitive documents even while you’re traveling. 

You can avail of all these benefits if you make the transition to VoIP communications. So, to help you choose the best VoIP services, we narrowed down your choices to only the 10. And they are, in my opinion, the best VoIP providers in 2020. 

This is our top 5 best VoIP providers in 2020


The best fully-comprehensive VoIP service 

TCU Information Technology

RingCentral isn’t a cheap option. However, it includes some features that other service providers would charge extra. These added features are unlimited video conferencing and generous toll-free minutes. 

Moreover, this VoIP service offers price matching for less than 50 lines. You’ll soon realize that you’re getting the best value from your money with RingCentral. Likewise, RingCentral helps businesses work from the comfort of their home. 

This is possible thanks to RingCentral providing unlimited internet for audio conferencing and faxing with all their plans. Video meetings can accommodate up to 100 participants, with meetings that can last for 24 hours. 

For Standard plans or higher, RingCentral offers well-known communication integrations like Slack, G Suite, and 365. This VoIP service receives high positive reviews, it offers phone assistance during working hours, 24/7 live chat support, ticket service, weekly webinars, and a wide range of online knowledge resources. 


The best VoIP service for small, mobile businesses

The office environment isn’t exactly for everyone. While it works for some, there are mobile businesses that don’t require an office setting. The best examples of mobile businesses are pop-up stores or food trucks. 

Grasshopper VoIP comes with iOS and Android apps. With this, you can make and receive calls using your mobile phone and your business number. This allows you to keep your personal and professional work communications separated. This is a great VoIP service for entrepreneurs who are not keen on desktop phones or PBX solutions. 

This VoIP software is not cheap. However, it comes with valuable features and great tools that allow you to work at home. Thanks to the app, business owners and employees can use their business number to make and receive calls and even send text messages. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a conferencing feature. However, you can sign-up with This is Grasshopper’s sister company if you want video and audio conferences. But you are required to pay the additional cost of $10-$30 per month. 

Grasshopper isn’t the perfect, cost-effective phone solution. However, the best choice if you’re looking for a solution that offers complete integration with personal mobile devices. 


The best budget VoIP provider for small businesses with less than five employees 

Ooma Support

Ooma is the best VoIP service in this list as much as pricing is concerned. Despite being the cheapest alternative it still offers a scalable solution that can help you as you grow your business. For this reason, Ooma is a great VoIP option for small businesses that want to grow their business but keep their communication costs to a minimum. 

The service has two plans: Ooma Office and Ooma Office Pro. The Ooma Office offers unlimited domestic calls, virtual fax machines, the industry-standard features, and a three-way calling. The Ooma Office Pro, on the other hand, offers premium features such as call recording, improved call blocking, and more.

The two plans require a one-time activation fee of $29.95 to get the service started. Remote companies will appreciate this service’s remote features. Likewise, it comes with a mobile app that lets users make and receive calls using your smartphone and the business number. 

You’re also allowed to set up ring groups. The feature allows users to group extensions together for simultaneous ringing. The call then gets transferred to the remote employee who picks up first. 

In addition, Ooma Enterprise plans offer a CRM (customer relationship management) integration. This allows users to get a comprehensive integration with your phone in the CRM software. This lets you take advantage of the extra perks from transferring the entire customer workspace. 


The best budget VoIP service 

Agile Business Communications

While it’s not always a good choice to settle for the cheapest option, however, Nextiva offers a remarkable balance between pricing and features. The service also offers an online management platform that lets you juggle several lines or employees in remote locations. 

Furthermore, Nextiva provides several helpful features for businesses operating from home. The app lets you use your business phone number when you’re remotely making calls from either your desktop or mobile phone. 

Likewise, this VoIP service comes with a collaboration tool called Cospace. This allows team collaboration via video chat to make sure everyone on the team is working on the same page. Notably, all the features and functionality of Nextiva doesn’t exceed a monthly payment of $60. 

Small businesses could easily get accustomed to Office Pro. However, don’t get too surprised if you notice that the advanced features of the Office Pro Plus and the Office Enterprise are a bit tempting. But you’ll need to pay for a little bit extra bucks. 

And there’s more! The advanced features are composed of the Nextiva mobile voice and video app along with the Team Presence is very effective upgrades. The call recording and the Nextiva Anywhere app is available with the Office Enterprise. 

It’s fair to say that the Nextiva VoIP is offering more for less. Here’s another worth mentioning. The customer support is managed 100% in-house without getting outsourced overseas. For this reason, don’t expect that this service offers international numbers and services. That means this service is not suitable for businesses outside the U.S.


Best VoIP for international calling 


8×8 keeps everything simple. That’s very evident in their three feature-packed VoIP plans. This makes it more appealing for small-international business. This VoIP service is set to combine many useful third-party business apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Netsuite. 

Thie VoIP service plans come with team messaging, screen sharing, and HD videoconferencing that lets in-house team members engage and collaborate.  However, contact centers that are into remote work will still appreciate features like omnichannel routing that allows employees to engage with customers through live chat, text, social media, and phone. 

This VoIP provider is located outside the US, which for the most part is a good thing. As a result, it offers local numbers in over 75 countries and toll-free numbers in over 110 countries. For this reason, it’s the perfect VoIP service for companies conducting their business outside Canada and the USA.