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Our Top 5 Best Desktop Computers In 2020

Does your work require powerful hardware that isn’t possible for your laptop to handle? Check out our list of the best desktop computers in 2020. We narrowed down your choices to help you get the best for your needs. 


Desktop computers are essential to accommodate your work’s hardware requirements that might be impossible for portable laptops. While you can connect external devices to your laptop computer, they don’t have the capacity to plug-in the right DSP cards for high-end video and audio editing tasks. 

While most laptops have built-in screen mirroring capabilities, desktop computers offer more flexibility in choosing the best monitor for various work-related requirements. This includes calibration for print-production and color correction and retouching, evaluating video footage for films or commercials, and even secondary displays. 

Meanwhile, desktop computers come with built-in monitors like Apple iMacs that obviously dwarfs the display of most laptop computers. Furthermore, desktop computers offer more power, additional storage capacity, RAM expansions, and better graphics. Probably the best of all, it’s less expensive and easy to repair. 

To help you choose the best desktop computer for your personal or professional needs, we gathered 5 of the best in 2020. Make sure to read through our list to get the best deal possible. 

Apple Mac Mini 

The best compact desktop 

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Best for budget and space – but limited to Apple fans 

The Apple Mac Mini might just be the most ignored Apple product. However, it changed in 2018 when the company announced the new model. The Mac Mini incorporates the concept of mini-computer but doesn’t limit its capabilities. 

While it costs more than the previous models, users will love its 8th-Gen six-core Intel CPU and 64GB of memory. It’ll handle your most demanding tasks effortlessly. However, it doesn’t mean that it has no drawbacks. In fact, it lacks significant graphic support, and you can’t upgrade its built-in RAM. 

On the other hand, Apple surely has some tricks up its sleeves. They made sure the Mac Mini is designed properly well. It comes with Thunderbolt 3 support, and external GPU and an SSD drive. Despite its price bump, Apple Mac Mini is one of the best choices in functionality and pricing in the entire macOS world. 

In addition, it’s best for home and office use. It can handle most office tasks, web browsing, and consuming media content. Users will certainly appreciate how the macOS runs efficiently on the 8th Gen Intel processor. 

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop 

The best desktop computer for students 


The Dell G5 offers impressive performance and great pricing. It’s best for beginning gamers, students, and families. The best desktop computers should include excellent performance and good pricing. That’s the case for the Dell G5 Desktop. 

Its base model costs $686. It includes the GTX 1650 Super, Quad-Core 9th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. This is more than sufficient for most student uses. It can handle tasks like editing, images, coding, writing papers, and even doing some video projects. 

While most students prefer the cheaper options, however, you need to consider opting for extra power. That’s because schools are slowly introducing projects that require higher graphics in their curriculum. In addition, it’s beneficial to have a discrete GPU for this purpose. 

This particular model offers a higher option that consists of an Intel Core i9-10900KF processor, a separate graphics that goes all the way to the powerful Nvidia RTX 2070 GPU. This is already a powerful mainstream PC. 

Apple iMac 5K (2020) 

The best bundle desktop computer 


The Apple iMac 5K 2020 is best for home users and professionals looking for a bundle, gorgeous, but with powerful functionalities. While most people think buying the latest iMac model is like a gamble, when you look at the specs closely, you’ll realize that it’s a really great choice. 

The 5K model has undergone significant improvements. Although it isn’t really obvious, the tweaks include 1080p webcam, upgraded speakers, and to sweeten the deal they are offering the option for the distinguished ‘nano-texture anti-reflective glass.’ 

The most important thing is, the iMac 5K comes with the latest 10-Gen 10 core Intel processors with AMD Radeon 5000-series GPU cards. This is a substantial power for video editing and content creation. 

HP Omen Obelisk 

The best gaming desktop computer 


The HP Omen Obelisk offers that best performance, packed in a sleek designed casing that gives off a more mature feel. This particular model is an excellent choice for PC gamers who aren’t keen on building their own gaming PC. 

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to build their own gaming PC. The HP Omen Obelisk offers the advantage of building your own PC without doing anything on your part. Except for paying for the system. 

Furthermore, it’s designed for easy upgrades and almost unlimited configurations. Also, they offer a lower-end option that consists of less powerful parts but doesn’t compromise too much performance. The Omen Obelisk PC is priced at $1,700. It has the older 9th-Gen processor and the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super video. 

Dell XPS 8940

The best desktop PC for budget-conscious users. 


The Dell XPS 8940 offers good performance at a much lower price. It’s best for students and families who are budget-conscious. The best overall PC must provide good performance, great pricing, and it must work with most people. 

This is what the Dell XPS 8940 is all about. It has a flashy exterior but packed in a conservative size so it fits easily in your office cubicle, home office, dorm, etc. It offers a variety of configurations that will suit every user’s needs, thanks to Dell’s custom order policy. 

The truth is, they are offering a range of options so you can easily choose which configuration works best for you. You can get the benefits of a powerful machine for only $1,000. I bet you’ll be happy with it. The system can be maxed out with an Nvidia RTX 2060 Super GPU and a 10-core Intel Core i9 processor. 

This is already a great CPU build that offers excellent performance at a very low price point. Despite being small and portable, Dell offers modular and flexible future upgrades.