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Our Top 10 Best Project Management Softwares In 2020

Do you want your team to meet their goals on time, work, and collaborate efficiently? It’s time to choose the best Project Management Tool for them. Hop on; we’ve got 10 of the best for you to choose from! 


Project Management Software has become an essential tool for managers and teams to collaborate and meet their goals while being able to handle cost and resources in a timely and efficient way. 

These tools will help you with budgeting, time-tracking, distribution, team collaboration, resource planning, and many more. If you’re managing a team or a member of one, you know how complex managing projects can be. 

We have the best solution to take your business to a whole new level. So, without further ado, these are our top 10 picks for the best Project Management Softwares in 2020 to help you grow your business and your team achieve their goals faster and easier.

The best workflow automation tool 

Enable Technologies is a powerful project management software that comes with a clear and intuitive interface. It will help you to see every important project data instantly. 

This tool has made significant changes from trimming non-essential features from convention project management software. Instead, they focused on simplicity and visibly intuitive layouts to help you get a clear understanding of your priorities. 

It’s a feature-rich software for managing projects. Aside from resource and project management, it also includes collaboration, time tracking, and reporting features. Users are also allowed to make comments, mention teammates, attach files to cards,  and a lot more. 

The project reporting dashboard allows users to collect data from several boards, which translate to better track your progress. In addition, lacks the tools for project accounting and invoice solution. 

However, this tool will help you to track timelines, invoices, and hours. is a very customizable tool that is a great fit for your project and team. Also, you can take advantage of its wide range of workflow automation tools. 

In addition, this tool comes with integrations from other project management apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Jira, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Github, Trello, Zapier, and Typeform, to name a few. 


The best project management software for remote teams 

Base Build Inc

Teamwork is a great project management software for in-house teams and even agencies to assist with visibility, collaboration, accountability, and, importantly, the results. It’s a feature-rich and flexible tool that will help you manage your project from beginning to end. 

Teamwork will allow you to create a structured project or milestones. Often, this starts with creating tasks, subtasks, and breaking down the work for your entire team. You can also add useful information like descriptions, priorities, due dates, supporting documents, and even tags to help you mark each task. 

This tool comes with a “Workload” feature that lets you see your team’s capacity. Teamwork is a great collaboration software with clients and the internal team. Also, it lets managers comment on the tasks. 

Teamwork is a highly intuitive and customizable tool. It’s a feature-rich software that requires time and commitment to learning. But don’t get overwhelmed! There are available webinars, help docs, online resource centers, and a dedicated support team to help you learn faster. 

Teamwork can be easily integrated with Gmail, Hubspot, Harvest, Slack Quickbooks, Dropbox, etc.

The best tool for automating your operations and finances 

Forecast Blog

Forecast is a complete package platform for resource and project management. It’s been used by agencies and software and consulting companies in over 40 countries worldwide. 

It’s a capable software with useful tools to help you manage quote to invoice, offers intelligent automation to assist with your delivery dates or predict capacity needs. Its AI has continuous learning from a wide range of projects and creates certain rules based on the available user data. 

Forecast is a feature-packed project management software. It has an Auto-Schedule feature for scheduling, automatic assigning of resources to tasks, as well as providing estimates. 

It has a drag-and-drop module for easy adjustments of plans and resources. There’s more! Forecast has a cool feature that automatically creates a budget for each product. This comes with key financial metrics to help you track the planned and the actuals. 

It supports different billing types and up-to-date customizable reports. Finally, Forecast has a simple, built-in timesheet but very intuitive. This means that your team can focus on the most important task without getting the trouble of filling out their timesheets.

Forecast introduced a one-of-a-kind feature to help you manage projects in the retainer setup. In perspective, a dashboard with a retainer setup will help you track the finances of ongoing projects without getting blinded by workloads and delivery. 

In addition, it includes some turnkey integrations with conventional tools, two-way sync with Jira. Likewise, it also works well with accounting systems such as Xero, Quickbooks, and PM.

Forecast is already used in over 40 countries around the work by consulting companies, enterprises, and agencies. Also, it comes with Lite, Pro, and Enterprise options.  


The best tool for scaling organizations 


Wrike is an accomplished project management software that is applicable to teams with five or more members. The software allows an unlimited number of users. It’s a highly configurable tool that allows users to customize reports, dashboards, request forms, and workflows. 

It has a simple interface, and it allows users to switch between the interactive Gantt charts and Kanban boards. It also works well with a traditional workload, which allows users to choose how they want to view their priorities. 

The software features the lists of all your tasks, including subtasks, shared workflows, schedules, collaboration, file-sharing, and real-time communication. This allows users to get better insights with their projects’ allocation, resource management, performance report tools, and many more. 

Wrike comes with a user-friendly interface. Its navigation has folders, tasks, and distinct spaces. You can also switch between timesheets, home screen, calendars, stream, and reports.

It has a dedicated help center with interactive training videos, a thriving community, and a ‘Getting Started’ guide. Wrike is a feature-packed tool with a collection of solutions for different types of teams or organizations. This includes both professional service teams as well as marketing teams. 

Wrike has over 400 built-in native integrations, including file management tools from Microsoft, Dropbox, and Google. There’s more! It easily integrates sales and marketing software from Marketo and Salesforce. 

You can also take advantage of its broad collection of templates for regular organizational tasks. 


The best-packaged solution 


Hive is an all-in-one solution with time-tracking, analytics, and very flexible capabilities. This allows a transparent understanding of your team members’ individual tasks and expected projects. 

Hive is the go-to platform for large companies like Uber, Starbucks, IBM, WeWork, and many others. It has AI-based analytics, a wide range of integrations, flexible project views, and many more. 

It will help you streamline your work into a single platform. Likewise, it can be used by teams of different sizes ranging from 10 up to 1000 people. With that, Hive is a worthy option for companies with diverse needs and style. 

It’s one of the first project management tools that use full email integrations. This allows users to send and receive Outlook and Gmail messages through the app. Hive is the best project management software that is well-laid out and fully comprehensive markets. 


The best project management software for customer service 


Celoxis is complete, web-based software for work collaboration and project portfolio management. In fact, it’s one of the most accomplished project management tools. It’s the go-to tool for companies like Rolex, HBO, KPMG, Virgin Care, Del Monte, Singapore Post, Deloitte, LG, and more. It’s best for streamlining projects, people, and processes. 

Celoxis is equipped with true-project schedules as well as the interactive, yet powerful Gantt Charts. It’s a great tool for all team members and work dynamics, which includes geographic distribution of projects to teams working remotely. 

This software has a unique and superb task management capability. It’s like getting an edge over the tools you have used before. Moreover, Celoxis allows you to see your tasks, to-dos, manage tickets, report bugs, or fill time with just a single tool. 

You can send and receive notifications to your inbox and send updates directly without logging in. Thanks to its project discussions, file sharing, mention comments, active stream, and document version control, it has a powerful collaboration capability. 

Celoxis is built with powerful analytical capabilities and rich, interactive charts that breathe new perspectives into your projects. Likewise, organizations can leverage their fundamental practice reports and dashboards for real-time insights on project health, profit margins, team utilization, and tracking actuals. 

Celoxis is highly flexible and customizable in terms of industry and organization. Thanks to its custom apps, you can create and configure highly intuitive projects and business processes. In addition, it’s one of the rare project management software that is available in SaaS and On-Premise. 


The best project management software for SMS

Xero App Marketplace 

Paymo is a feature-rich targeting tool for small and medium businesses. It got tools to handle invoicing, collaboration, team management, project management, accounting, timesheets, and collaboration. Also, it’s a cheaper alternative if you’re looking for an end-to-end platform. 

Thanks to its superb task management component, it allows users the ability to compress resources efficiently through templated tasks. These tasks will then be allocated and given task durations to help employees complete the task in a timely manner. 

Moreover, it lets you add files to each task, comment, or even create reliance between each task. The platform also has built-in support for multi-user task assignments. This allows managers to set responsibility for more than one person. 

The project schedule feature is an essential part of Paymo. It allows you to set milestones that lead to building an important path generator to see the obstacles that might be holding up a project. Likewise, it also makes sure that each activity is monitored from start to finish. 

Paymo grants Gantt charts to illuminate the beginning and finish in time as well as the overall elements of the projects. It supports file sharing along with the ability to attach files to tasks or organize them within the main storage location of every project. 

It has a well-supported project communication. Email notifications are given for important updates that are sent automatically to resources. It works like an assigned task that was removed from a task. Likewise, it comes with a dashboard where you can see your most recent activities, allowing collaboration with team members to share notes and discuss. 

It also comes with built-in timesheets with the capability to automate time tracking. Likewise, it has powerful project reporting and financial management features. You can even set a project budget while allowing you to measure the outcome, track expenses, monitor financial health in terms of actual budget vs. the estimate. 

In addition, Reports can be downloaded or exported. Paymo includes nifty add-ons and integrations. There Paymo app is available for mobile and desktop. It has a Zapier integration, which allows the platform to connect with over 500 apps, including Google Apps, Xero, Slack, QuickBooks, etc. 

MindGenius 20

The best project management tool with superior mind-mapping ability 

Tech PC Vipers

MindGenius 20 is an intelligible platform that offers a wide variety of ways you can view your project information to help managers and team members make wise decisions. This includes Gantt charts, resource view, category view, status view, priority view, and Kanban boards. 

The platform comes with mind-mapping tools to help users brainstorm and prioritize tasks. This is a great feature for providing a clear view of the gaps in data as well as the knowledge from previous processes. 

Its planning features have drag-and-drop Gantt charts that can toggle between categories, resources, priorities, and status views from different angles. You can also link these views along with the charts to your initial mind-mapping data to keep your team on the right track. 

It’s a very customizable platform that allows you to work on different methodologies that fit your specific needs. It has integrations with Microsoft Office Suite, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. 


The best project management platform for visual planning 


TeamGantt is the go-to management platform for Amazon and Netflix. It has a freemium version that’s ideal for smaller groups or teams who don’t really need a premium plan. As the name suggests, the platform works best with Gantt charts and other planning tasks, 

TeamGantt is a competent platform with the ability to track team availability workloads and collaboration tasks like tagging, chat, and customizable alerts. However, team managers should understand that the platform works best for small projects. 

The tool struggles with complex tasks and numerous teams. The platform has a high score in terms of Usability. Moreover, it’s a highly flexible tool to set up and track your projects. 


The best project management platform for collaboration 


Basecamp is a veteran project management platform. It has been in the industry for about ten years with established loyal followers. The software is highly capable that it can even replace several tools like Slack and Dropbox. 

However, it’s not really a complete replacement. The software has many of the tools from other platforms. It comes with scheduling and calendars, private messaging, real-time chat, file storage, and many more. 

It has a clutter-free interface with superb search tools that makes processes very straightforward. It also has a great reporting suite that allows you to go as wide or deep as you can. 

Working with clients is very manageable. Thanks to its email integration and its capacity to share tasks and messages with individuals inside and outside of your organization. You can customize your notifications through your requirements, and that includes shutting them off after office hours.