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Our Top 10 Best Help Desk Software For Small Businesses In 2020

Unlock your organization’s revenue potential and stand out from your competition. Experience the power of customer satisfaction with help desk software. 


Do you want to know the secret to a successful business? Actually, it’s no secret at all! Everything boils down to customer satisfaction. In fact, it should be every business’ and organization’s primary goal. 

With that being said, quality customer satisfaction is instrumental in strengthening your brand and nurturing loyal customers. However, you can only do that if you have the highest quality, round the clock customer assistance and support. 

This is where using an efficient help desk management solution becomes very important. Choosing the best help desk software will help you automate, track, and resolve customer complaints efficiently and effectively. 

Benefits of implementing a help desk software for your business

  1. Build a single-point communication

Help desk solutions will help you create a one-stop solution for all your customer-support needs like queries, requests, complaints, and assistance. The software will allow your customer-support team to handle everything efficiently and effectively. 

  1. Effective tracking and monitoring

Let’s you track and monitor ongoing complaints or service requests. A good help desk management solution serves as your other set of eyes to make sure problems are resolved in a timely manner. This is possible since these software can track queries from the time it comes up to its final resolution. 

  1. Boost customer relationship 

This is only attainable by providing a really good quality customer support and assistance. This is the key to earn quality customer satisfaction that will enable your business to maintain a healthy relationship with new and existing customers. 

  1. Efficient handling of complaints

A good help desk management software simplifies complex and strenuous daily processes. This, in turn, saves your customer-support team time and efforts in handling customer requests and complaints. 

  1. Improves the quality of your service

Help desk solutions help organizations develop higher-quality customer support, which is essential to growing your business. Thanks to its effective tools and features, you can rest assured that your customers receive the most complete and correct assistance they need. 

  1. Helps strengthen your brand 

Using the best help desk management solution ensures the highest quality customer support possible—the magic sauce for quality customer satisfaction. Remember, happy customers are loyal customers. They are most-like the customers that would make recommendations. This will help you greatly to stand out, especially if you’re into a competitive industry. 

Customer service is always the key to success in a highly competitive market. Small businesses and startups can leverage help desk management solutions to stand out against their bigger competitors. 

For this reason, we narrowed down your choices to only 10 of the best help desk software in the market today. This will help you choose the features and functionalities for your business needs. 

JitBit Helpdesk 

JitBit helpdesk management software offers a hosted version and an in-house version tailored for small and growing businesses. It’s very easy to set up and grants you immediate processing of support tickets.

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It comes with an IFTTT engine to help you automate your tasks using the Automation Rules. This allows you to send automatic replies, assigning tickets, setting due dates, and lets you send HTTP requests to third-party servers. 

These features help your team save time so that they can focus on giving the best quality customer support possible. JitBit features include canned responses and knowledge base integrations, and a mailbox for collaboration. 

Importantly, it has two implementation models that cater to startups, freelancers, and small businesses. These plans are priced based on the total amount of monthly payments, not per user. It’s even strong enough to support the needs of big companies and enterprises. 

HubSpot Service Hub 

HubSpot Service Hub has the right tools to help your customer service teamwork in a more efficient manner. It’s a comprehensive business suite with built-in automation and reporting features. This feature transforms customer chats and emails into tickets. It also lets you organize, track, prioritize, and resolve tickets easier and better. 


This help desk software comes with superb customer service tools that help your customer support team connect with prospects and lead them into loyal customers. In particular, the conversation inbox is a very handy feature. It transforms your email inboxes, social media conversations, live-chat, and forms into tickets which is then placed into a single universal inbox. 

HubSpot Service Hub includes great automation tools that are really helpful with escalation, ticket routing, and creating tasks. Additionally, it has an automated feedback response that gives you a marketing advantage. The live chat also functions for both personalized and contextual conversations with your customers. 

Service Hub also works well with HubSpot suite and tools like Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. Combine them together, and they make up the HubSpot CRM. It gives you a complete set of features to enhance efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. 

ProProfs Help Desk 

ProProfs Help Desk is a customer management software that helps businesses and organizations manage support tickets faster and easier. It’s a cloud-based, compact solution that helps you minimize tickets by up to 80% and deliver a great customer experience. 


This customer service solution is best for small businesses with 40 employees. It allows organizations to accelerate their ticket management processes, generate reports, do live chats, build a knowledge base for customers, and even train agents all in one platform. 

Small businesses will enable their response tickets for tickets coming from different channels. That’s because they can gain a better view of the process which also allows them to create better business decisions.  Likewise, it gives them access to reports, which translates to having the needed data to enhance their service. 

One of the best features of ProProfs is the shared inbox. This allows all team members to see tickets simultaneously coming in. It has a neat, minimalist design, which makes it very easy to use and navigate. In addition, ticket management tools allow users to add due dates, labels, even priority levels to each ticket. 

To say the least, it comes with a lot of customization options and API integrations, which make it perfect for a seamless workflow. 


Atera is an easy-to-use, compact help desk solution for IT professionals and service management providers. It’s effective for remote monitoring, management, automation, and professional services. Thanks to its intuitive ticketing, reporting, and billing functionalities, this help desk software allows close collaboration with clients and easily and effectively helps them with their concerns. 


Atera is an extensive IT management platform. It gives users total control for a wide range of business processes, especially remotely managing the IT infrastructure of  SMB clients. These processes involve automated systems and fix problems as they come in. This, in turn, boosts savings and prevents problems from worsening. 

This solution gives you the option to create tickets in many different ways, and for both, IT support teams and clients as well. The tickets are immediately synced between the Atera platform and the client’s Customer Portal for real-time communication. 

Likewise, the Customer Portal includes a knowledge base for self-service support for clients. This quickly fixes and boosts your IT team’s skills while enhancing your customer’s satisfaction. 

Wix Answers

Wix Answers is a complete help desk solution. It’s full of smart tools such as a multi-channel ticketing system, knowledgebase, built-in call center, as well as the features for efficiency and time-saving customer support. But the best thing is, these features are free! 

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That’s because all of these features are already included within the Wix infrastructure. It gives you the confidence that you can establish the correct solution for your business needs. 

The same as when you’re building a Wix website, Wix Answer is also easy to set up. In fact, users without a technology background can complete the setup process in just a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is choose a template, modify the features to match with your brand, bring the articles in, publish, and you’ll have your own beautiful help desk. You can get everything without paying an extra dime. 

The knowledge base tool lets you build and manage guides, FAQs, product information, and library assets. It comes with a multi-channel support ticket system that allows you to efficiently manage your customer’s concerns and fix solutions in a timely manner. 

In addition, Wix Answers is a highly flexible and scalable tool that suits your unique business needs. It has an added ability for help desk agents and support staff to open tickets for their clients. This feature gives your support teams to be more proactive in fixing actual issues without the customer having to tell you to resolve it for them. 

Remember, we’re talking about customer satisfaction. So, the more you can solve their problem before it actually affects them increases your chances for customer satisfaction. 


Freshservice is a help desk service built with IT support in mind. Customer support teams will find it easy to use. It’s all thanks to its modern and intuitive UI. The minimalist design allows both IT and non-IT support teams to customize the system according to their preference. 


The service comes with multi-channel support and is very instrumental for automating tasks and handling support problems coming in from different channels such as phone, email, chat, in-person, and even self-serving portals. 

Moreover, it’s a feature-packed solution with asset management, incident management, reporting, integrations, gamification, and a service catalog. It also offers remote support for staff on the road with mobile service apps for iOS and Android devices. 

Freshservice plans work well with small businesses and growing teams. You can even take advantage of its free plan if you have 3 agents and less than 100 users. 


LiveAgent comes with all the right solutions for small businesses. These are live-chat, ticketing, phone, social media, and support portal. It can turn every communications media into tickets to make it more organized and streamlined for efficient customer support management. 


LiveAgent is packed with tools and features that will help you classify every customer request coming from different channels. It’s available in three plans, especially suited for SMBs to help them scale accordingly with the support-type they want to use. Everything starts with basic tickets to live-chats. 

Aside from the cloud-based deployment, users can choose to buy the downloadable license with a one-time payment that they can install on the server. This feature grants you access to its powerful ticket distribution procedures, from information gathering to routing to the support team.

Salesforce Service Cloud  

The Service Cloud is Salesforce’s solution to customer-support management needs of all businesses’ size. This, of course, includes small businesses. Service Cloud comes with an abundance of functionalities to help you manage your tracking support requests and routing inquiries efficiently. 


It combines service requests from different channels into a single location to help you queue and sort them effectively. The solution also includes superior contact management tools that are highly capable of improving your customer support team KPIs and metrics. 

However, what sets Salesforce Service Cloud apart is its simplicity. Setting up is a very easy process. In fact, you can use it straight out-of-the-box. It also has a very easy learning curve. Thanks to its online learning platform, Trailhead. It also includes the Service Cloud modules. 

There’s also a scalable app which makes it the best solution as you expand your business. Einstein AI is very instrumental in automating repetitive processes that will allow you to finish more tasks in a short amount of time so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. 


Freshdesk is an industry-standard software for small businesses. It has a capable software that is packed with essential and advanced features for customer support. The software is also inexpensive and very scalable. 


Its key features include self-service, ticketing, automation, collaboration, customization, multichannel helpdesk, and reporting and analytics. Freshdesk is very easy to use and intuitive. Customer support teams will be able to focus on resolving problems instead of learning how to navigate the platform. 

It comes with plans for small businesses to help them scale and meet business demands as they continue to grow. Moreover, Freshdesk outshines everyone because of its dashboard. It provides a complete view and access to your tickets, contacts, forums, reports, and many more. 

However, tickets that are unresolved, due, unassigned, or on hold are very easy to view from the dashboard. This ensures your team cannot overlook any tickets and requests. Conversations are tracked and placed in a central area, with all support-related communications. This will help your customer support team increase their productivity and resolve problems altogether. 

Freshdesk has a new feature. It’s a sandbox that produces a testing venue for admins to try new settings and functions within the app. This doesn’t affect the customer or the agent. It also comes with an audit log to keep you informed about everything that happens in your support desk to help you keep track of the changes within the desk. 

And there’s a social signals feature that uses AI to help you search the internet for relevant tweets for your support team, to-do list, and callbacks for important tasks. 


Zendesk is a favored help desk solution. That’s because it comes with features and tools that are working together to help you deliver the highest quality of customer support possible. It has an intuitive interface and a responsive design that grants you easy deployment for your workflows. 

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It has added support for email, social media, live chat, phone, and SMS. This allows effective collaboration that results in efficient resolving of issues. Also, it helps with productivity. 

Zendesk comes with a variety of processes that lets them streamline. For example, if you have repetitive customer queries, you can easily create your own macro. You can also personalize the queue according to ticket status, assignee, or group. This also permits your customers or agents to use available resources using its knowledge base feature, help center, customer portal, and online community. 

Also, Zendesk offers several plans for small businesses. However, you need to choose from products like a call center, knowledgebase, and live chat. These are available for free and premium plans.