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Our Top 10 Best Email Marketing Services In 2020

Do you want the quickest, most cost-effective way to engage and convert leads? Some studies even showed an ROI increase of up to 4,400% using this method! It’s time to take your email marketing seriously. 


Email marketing isn’t dead, as some would-be marketing experts say. In fact, email marketing continues to become an essential marketing strategy. It goes beyond business types and industries. 

The truth of the matter is, growing companies tend to seek email marketing service providers (ESP) as a marketing tool! It remains the quickest and most effective way to engage and convert them into loyal, paying customers. 

For this reason, ESPs exist to make the process of email marketing a lot easier. Instead of doing everything on your own, using a competent ESP can do wonders for your business. It will help you identify qualified leads, nurture them, and ultimately close more deals. 

Are you ready to elevate your business? Here is our list of the best email marketing services that will help you achieve your business goals. 


The best ESP for small business


MailChimp continues to upgrade its services over the years. In fact, they added beneficial features to their services. While their specialty is with email marketing, they added landing pages and several ads tools to its portfolio. 

MailChimp is serving millions of customers in more than 175 countries across the globe. It’s a flexible tool that is capable of serving enterprise-level companies but simple enough for beginners to use. 

The tool will help you gather important data from your customers and turn them into actionable insights to advance your email marketing efforts. In addition, MailChimp comes with more than 300 integrations to help you customize the tool according to your business needs. 

These integrations will help you personalize your email marketing, therefore making you get the most out of your email activities. 

Campaign Monitor

The best ESP with easy-to-use email templates and complete customization tools 


Campaign Monitor takes pride in its capacity to deliver easy-to-use but very strong personalized email marketing tools. It has an intuitive email editor with drag-and-drop controls.  The analytics makes email strategy and targeting customer segments very easy to optimize. 

Personalization is this ESP’s sweet spot! It will transform your collected data to build-up your personalized content and increase your engagements. In addition, they are offering a visual marketing tool that lets you create a unique customer journey that scale. 

Likewise, it includes an extensive library of resources to help your teamwork like email marketing professionals. 


An intuitive, feature-packed yet very affordable email marketing solution 


SendX lets you send a never-ending email that is customer-focused no matter what pricing plan you’re subscribed to. That’s because they are charging per subscriber and not per email sent. 

That means you can send as many lists, tags, and segments. This tool will let you optimize your email campaigns using over 30 parameters, which include domain name, email client, time zone, ISP, and past open behavior data.

It also lets you automate your email marking using a rule-based interface. You can send the right message to the right user, thanks to its audience segmentation and email drip sequence features. 

The tool will also give you the ability to grow your email lists using forms and pop-ups. It also comes with a built-in email template that allows you to transform the drag-and-drop email editor even without an HTML. 

In addition, it has a heatmap report for various campaigns that provides you a quick, perceivable overview of the best working CTAs and links that people would likely click on. 


The best ESP to automate, optimize and connect your marketing campaigns

Shane Barker

Ontraport provides users a full suite of automated marketing solutions that includes e-commerce services for your business or online store. This email marketing solution is equipped with visual campaign building components that allow you to make comprehensive campaigns to engage prospects. 

The tool allows you to create campaigns from scratch. You can also tap into the market to take advantage of the wide array of offerings for common marketing efforts. These include webinar sign-ups, follow-ups, and abandoned cart nurturing. 

It also supports creating insights into detailed reports to let you gain a clearer view of your pipeline, conversations, and traffic sources. 


The best email marketing solution with a simple, easy-to-learn interface with 99% deliverability 


GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that comes in more than 20 different languages. This tool offers features such as landing pages, a comprehensive webinar solution, and CRM. It has more than 500 templates to help you start your email marketing campaigns with integrations to Shutterstock. 

This grants you access to a variety of creative libraries. It also comes with a drip campaign tool that you can manage using the calendar interface. Likewise, the tool allows you to see when you need to reach out to your prospects. 

GetResponse gives you the ability to create stunning and responsive emails in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its fully-customized email templates that were expertly designed. Also, that comes with over 5,000 licensed images for your marketing campaigns. 


The best email marketing solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.


AWeber is the email marketing platform specifically designed for small businesses with social media tools that bloggers and entrepreneurs will surely love. This tool aims to provide a simple, easy-to-use solution for first-time email marketers. 

It allows users to section their contacts, create a professional email, and convert leads. AWeber boasts of its high deliverability from end-users testimonies. Thanks to AWeber’s deliverability team, each of their servers is monitored 24/7 to ensure your campaign reaches your prospect’s inbox. 

Constant Contact

The email marketing platform that is known for being versatile, feature-packed, and attractive templates 

Software Advice

Constant Contact is one of the leading email marketing service providers in the world, with over 600,000 customers. They go above and beyond simple email marketing campaigns. Instead, they include important features like deals, social media, surveys, and event marketing. 

This service has more than 100 built-in email templates that you can customize or use as is. Once you’re satisfied with your email, the tool allows you to automate and schedule when you want it delivered to your contacts. 

While it comes with a drip-email campaign feature, the tool allows you to have your emails delivered on a regular cadence for special events like customer’s birthday and many more. 

Constant Contact comes with the “Plus” feature that lets you implement specified campaign types like donation collections, coupon offers, and even surveys. 

Pabbly Email Marketing

The best email marketing tool that lets you send emails in bulk

Thanks to its ability to connect via SMTP or external SMTP, Pabbly Email Marketing allows users to send emails in bulk. It grants access to workflow automation, SMTP routing, email scheduling, and many more. 

It comes with autoresponders and marketing automation features that give you the ability to schedule emails and build triggers. These tools prevent users from manual follow-ups. 

In addition, Pabbly provides responsive email templates and a drag-and-drop email tool that makes customization a piece of cake. Also, its email tracking feature lets you track your open and bounce rates as well as click-through rates to help you improve your email marketing efforts. 


The best email marketing solution that increases sales but not the work using emails and SMS marketing automation 

Zac Johnson

Omnisend is a very easy-to-use tool that comes with automation workflows for every stage of the customer journey. However, what sets it apart from its competition is its functionalities. It offers superior control over connecting with your leads. 

Moreover, with the automation workflow, users can add push notifications, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. However, if you’re aiming for targeted leads, Omnisend comes with a useful tool to help you create and manage custom, targeted discussion workflows. 

This tool is instrumental for connecting to your target audience as well as provide you with a few disruptive but increased personalized customer experience. Omnichannel combines user-friendly segmentation that allows you to send the right messaging to the right person within the right time and channel. 

In addition, this tool offers campaign and email templates as well as automation workflows to help you start ASAP. 

HubSpot Email Marketing Software

The best all-in-one software 


HubSpot is the leading email marketing software with exceptional deliverability. In fact, it boasts of its tagline, “The only software you’ll need.”  However, it does rightly so since it comes with all the essential features for a premium ESP. 

The platform will help you create a high-quality email using its drag-and-drop email templates. You can even craft your customer template that resonates with your brand. Once it’s done, you can easily and effectively incorporate content, thanks to its simple but intuitive interface. 

HubSpot works well with any business type, from small to enterprise-level companies. Its built-in automation platform helps business owners and managers scale email marketing strategies that are key to quickly turning your leads into loyal-paying customers.