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Our Best Outdoor Security Cameras To Keep Your Home Safe In 2020

Outdoor security cameras make it easy for you to monitor your property. This includes preventing burglars from coming in, getting alerts if someone is coming into your property, lets you keep an eye on your backyard, protects your car from getting stolen, etc. 


There’s no such thing as over-protection when it comes to the safety of our family and property. Don’t let your hard work come to waste because someone else has easily robbed your home. With outdoor home security cameras, you can rest assured that your home has an additional layer of security. 

While you cannot prevent someone from trespassing into your home, burglars tend to get scared when they realize you have security cameras installed on your property. That being said, you can notify local authorities immediately when such an incident occurs. 

But that’s not all; outdoor security cameras also let you monitor your kids’ safety when they’re playing in the backyard or in the pool area. There are so many benefits outdoor security cameras can offer you and your family. 

Read through the rest of the content, and you’ll have a good idea of the best outdoor home security camera you should install for your home in 2020. 

Why install outdoor security cameras? 

Traditionally, people believed that installing security cameras in your home is expensive and at the same time drastic effort. Today, it’s an obsolete paradigm. Thanks to the accessibility and the advancement of technology, it allowed significant changes that reduced costs. 

However, it paved the way for improvements with video camera quality, recording capability, and most especially, it became more affordable. Here are four known benefits of outdoor home security cameras: 

  1. Hold back criminals 

Just the sight of an outdoor camera can hold criminals back from entering your property. However, it’s not a good idea to install dummy cameras since experienced criminals can notice them from a mile away. 

Criminals tend to study the house they’re planning to rob. But when they see professional security cameras installed in the property, most likely, they will abort. On the other hand, if you’re the victim, the recorded footage can lead to the criminals’ arrest, and if possible, stolen goods will be returned. 

  1. Lets you check your family any time 

Security cameras are not restricted to home protection alone. In fact, it allows parents to check on their kids when they’re at work. That’s because working parents tend to think that their kid will skip school in mid-afternoon. 

Thanks to security cameras, parents can monitor who’s at home even when they’re at the office. This is possible because of the remote monitoring feature of most security cameras. 

  1. Check on your pets 

Your kids and your loved pets also need you to check on them every once in a while. Pets play an important role in our life. However, leaving them at home can be stressful to the mind. If you’re thinking about paying someone to look after them, you can do that, but it comes with a cost. But most likely, it’s not cheap. 

  1. Insurance benefits 

After a burglary occurs, insurance companies require claims from vandalism or theft. It’s for this reason that we suggest you install professional security cameras because of their high-definition images. The footage will help you validate whatever insurance claims you might have. Another thing is, security camera systems can often lead to discounts on home security services by up to 20%. 

Thinking about installing outdoor security cameras on your home? Make sure to check our list to get the best value for your money. 

Wyze Cam Outdoor

The best affordable outdoor security camera

The Verge

The Wyze Cam Outdoor security camera comes with everything you expect from an outdoor camera for under $50. This outdoor camera model is the first from Wyze. It features a sharp 1080p video but costs significantly lower than its competitors. 

It also supports Google voice commands, Alexa, it works with different smart devices using IFTTT applets and interaction with different Wyze products. While it looks identical to the indoor Wyze model, the outdoor version comes with an IP65 water-resistant camera. 

Blink Outdoor

Best outdoor camera for long battery life

Digital Trends

The Blink Outdoor security camera is a waterproof 1080p security camera with motion detection, local and cloud storage. It also supports the Alexa voice command and other third-party smart devices. 

It has a black camera with IP65 weather-resistance rating. Also, it’s battery operated with two AA batteries. The battery is rated to last for two years until the next replacement. Notably, the camera features video motion detection of up to 1080p footage at 30fps. 

Arlo Go

Best outdoor camera for wireless and cellular security


The Arlo Go features an interesting offer. First, it’s totally wireless, waterproof, and it works with LTE instead of Wi-Fi. The theory is that it can be placed anywhere as long as there is mobile coverage. It captures solid video quality, two-way audio, exceptional night vision mode, and rare free cloud storage. Unfortunately, it’s literally useless if there’s no cellular signal. 

Moreover, Arlo Go is a totally wireless security camera. That means it can be placed inside or outside of your home. It uses a 4G LTE signal which is better than a Wi-Fi signal since Wi-Fi signals tend to get rough because of the presence of walls in the house. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Best outdoor camera for completely wireless home security system


The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is an exceptional fully battery-powered wireless camera for indoor and outdoor use. It features motion-triggered video, 1080p video, Amazon Alexa voice command, and cloud storage. All-in-all, this security camera is a feature-rich indoor and outdoor camera that’s easy to install. 

Moreover, this camera uses the same app for other Ring devices. It also supports the Ring’s Neighbor app that allows picture and video sharing activities. You can also adjust motion alert frequency, create motion zones, and even set schedules to enable or disable motion alerts. 

Ezviz C3W ezGuard Wi-Fi Security Camera 

Another inexpensive outdoor security camera


The Ezviz C3W ezGuard is an affordable surveillance camera. It’s a Wi-Fi security camera with a 1080p cam. That means it delivers a sharp image quality for day and night use. It features a motion sensor to record activities that are stored in a local drive or in the cloud. 

It’s also quite easy to install and comes with IFTTT support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. While it doesn’t interact with other smart devices, it’s still an excellent outdoor security camera. Moreover, the housing boasts of an IP66 rating, which means it can handle all the elements. 

Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit

The best outdoor security camera with live guards 


The Deep Sentinel Starter 3-Cam Kit comes with motion detection but with an added benefit. In fact, it uses a live guards feature that informs local authorities of any suspicious activities. While other home security cameras give off warning lights and sirens, this particular camera comes from a company that first offered 24/7 live monitoring. 

But it’s not just monitoring. The truth is, it has specially trained security personnel who will intervene in case of any suspicious activities on your property. Of course, it’s a paid feature with a $100 subscription fee per month aside from its $699 price tag.