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Best mind mapping software

Our Best Mind Mapping Software In 2020

Create new plans and strategies for your business with the use of a visual thinking tool that presents ideas and concepts. Mind mapping offers a plethora of benefits for your planning and strategizing processes. 


Mind mappings is a simple concept. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to understand and how they can start using it. There are two types of mind mapping. The paper-based and the computer-based mind mapping software. 

While the paper-based is the traditional method, the computer-based approach has gained popularity over the years. However, both methods follow the same process. Mind Mapping is a technique that uses memory and creativity along with an extensive understanding of how the brain is designed to function and used. 

This helps them in all types of learning and cognitive skills. It follows the brain’s natural ability to learn and strategize. For years, mind mapping has been a very useful method of creating plans and strategies. It offers a lot of benefits that’s why organizations around the world use mind mapping software for a variety of purposes. 

In a nutshell, mind mapping solutions help you organize and group ideas and make actionable plans. The benefits include improved planning, managing, and execution of the project. It also involves making well-informed business decisions, creating better presentations, setting, tracking, and optimizing team projects to meet organizational goals, among others. 

For this reason, we gathered some of the best mind mapping tools today. Make sure to read each one of them to get the best platform for your unique organizational needs. 


Founded in 2013 in Spain, Idearium Technologies offers its flagship mind mapping product called Idearium. The software includes features for training through documentation, webinars, online and in-person sessions. It also offers a free trial. 


It’s an idea management software with an activity dashboard, idea ranking, collaboration, and status tracking. This mind mapping platform is also available as SaaS software. In addition, it comes with business hours support. Unfortunately, it’s a costly option at $190. 

Front & Main Honey

The idea management solution for small and midsize organizations 


Front & Main Honey costs a meager $4 per user each month. It features a social-focused idea management tool that is extremely easy to use. The company started in 2013 as a digital design agency named Huge. 

Front & Main Honey features a simple interface for creating your profile. You can also import your profile from LinkedIn. When configuring many users, you can send a team invitation, white-list a full domain, or multiple domains if you need to, and it also allows integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD). 


The solid mind mapping and brainstorming tool for a variety of users

XMind offers its services to a variety of users running a different OS like macOS, Windows, and Linux. While XMind is gearing toward creating non-linear documents, it also allows the conversion of outlines and mind maps. Likewise, it has two product varieties such as Zen and Pro for desktop or laptop users. 

The main difference between the two is the Zen features the modern UI/UX while the Pro includes the professional-functionalities that lets you create Gantt Charts, slide-based presentations, a lot of export options, and improved control on file aesthetics. 


The easy-to-use, feature-packed mind mapping platform 


iMindQ is a mind mapping software that allows you to map and structure yours for better organization of your thoughts and ideas. It’s best for brainstorming and conceptualization whether on your own or with your team for tasks like project planning and presentation. Furthermore, it’s a dynamic and multi-functional mind mapping tool. 

Moreover, it lets you save your maps on your PC or Mac and even on a cloud storage service of your choice. This is extremely beneficial if you travel often or you prefer to work remotely and use different devices. This mind mapping tool features a clean design, uncluttered workspace for you to focus on your important tasks. 

Mindjet MindManager 2016 for Windows

The solid mind mapping software tool for management


The MindManager 2016 for Windows is used by Dow Chemical Co. and New York’s Con Edison power utility among its list of customers. Although it’s marked for Windows, Mac users can still use this mind mapping tool using a perpetual upgrade license. You just have to make sure that your Mac is running on version 10 and later OS. 

MindManager 2016 for Windows has excellent integration for organizations that are fully Microsoft users. They will find it easy to learn and navigate the app since it almost follows Windows’ conventions. Unfortunately, if it’s placed in the hands of Office-based users, they might find a fairly difficult learning curve with regards to the actual mapping. 

Corso Innovation Management

Lets you manage your whole business processes including idea generation


Corso Innovation Management is a mind mapping software that features business processes like idea generation. Truth is, Corso prides itself as an Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Innovation management platform. It features a suite of tools to help you build roadmaps, diagrams, and Kanban boards. 

This is in addition to its ability to collect and collaborate on ideas. These ideas can be included in already established workflows and measured in opposition to your company’s assets. It’s an excellent tool for processing, and managing assets and ideas. Using this tool requires a corporate email address since webmail addresses are not supported. 


Best choice for visually-focused teams that demand performance analytics 

Launch Marketing

Bloomfire focuses on gathering institutional knowledge and introducing them to your organization’s new members. This is essential for implementing internal purposes, customer support, or sales system. Likewise, Bloomfire has some of the biggest names in business as clients such as Whole Foods Market, Livestrong Foundation, Domino’s, Elixiter, Genabnd, and Dun & Bradstreet. 

According to Bloomfire officials, they’re currently developing additional customization tools, RSS and Twitter feed integration. In addition, it has a unique feature called Bloomfire community website. The tool uses a public installation that serves in a lot of ways as Bloomfire’s public relations (PR). This includes posts about new customers and even social learning. 


The excellent mind mapping tool for gathering ideas and building mind maps

Cogito Software Solutions

Ideaflip is a mind mapping platform that is built around the concept of silent brainstorm. In a conference room, brainstorming often involves two people dominating the entire conversation. This often results in great ideas slipping and getting wasted. Silent brainstorming is designed to give everyone a chance to speak. 

Ideaflip comes with an intuitive interface that works great if you have a wide range of guest users. Additionally, it’s very affordable. While it lacks the analytical tools that are present in other mind mapping tools, it compensates with its engaging user-interface and flexible features. 


Mindomo won the Editor’s Choice award thanks to its mind mapping capabilities and social prowess

Mind Map

Mindomo is available for both cloud and desktop versions. This mind mapping and idea management software is all about business. In fact, it includes standard file management tools, a menu for returning to the start-up dashboard, insert a topic or relationship, share, create changes, and view a presentation. 

The map includes novel features that you can share in HTML and RSS formats. You can also access Google Docs and Office 365 with backup functionalities for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneBox, and FTP Account. Moreover, these maps are password protected. In addition, its website has a Star Wars theme.