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Our Best Face Masks For Every Exercise Junkie

Don’t let the ill-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic affect you physically. Being cooped at home means your body is in idle mode for longer periods of time. That said, we gathered six of the best face masks to keep you active while preventing you from getting infected with the virus. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive changes in the way we live. For one, it has caused more fear, stress, and worry because of the uncertainties of our present condition. Also, there’s always the fear of us or our loved ones getting infected. 

Likewise, the realities of working from home, unemployment, home-schooling your kids, and lack of physical contact with friends, family, and colleagues pose a threat to our mental and physical well-being. 

With that being said, exercise can help alleviate these negative effects. In fact, the World Health Organization organized the Be Active campaign to encourage everyone to maintain or continue being active. Here’s an interesting example – when working, take a short break of 3-4 minutes of light physical movement like walking or stretching. 

This will relieve your muscles and improve blood circulation. Also, regular physical activities are good for both the mind and body. Studies show that it can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. 

Furthermore, it improves muscle and bone strength, enhances balance, fitness, and flexibility.  Also, it’s especially helpful for adults since improved balance can prevent falls and injuries. It also gives you a routine which helps you to stay connected with friends and family. 

Regular physical activities tend to reduce the risk of depression, cognitive decline, and even delay the effects of dementia. But because of the pandemic, it’s essential to wear a mask regardless of what you’re doing. And that includes exercising. 

With that being said, we gathered the best face masks that can handle even the most rigorous exercise program but will keep you protected all the time. Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from living your best days! 

Athleta Made To Move Mask

USA Today

The Athleta Made To Move Mask is designed primarily for exercise. In fact, it’s one of the most comfortable face masks today! But not only that. It’s actually made from breathable fabric that is lightweight and comes with a mesh lining inside. 

The fabric can handle moisture and fits perfectly. Likewise, it gives users comfortable breathing while doing their exercise regimen. But it doesn’t end there. That’s because the mask includes an inner pocket if you want to add another layer of protection. Also, the ear loops are made from a soft elastic material that is highly adjustable and won’t pull your hair. 

This mask is well able to handle easy exercise programs from walking to outdoor activities like jogging and biking. Thanks to it being breathable and adjustable, you don’t need to worry about the mask falling from every movement. 

Koral Infinity Face Mask 


The Koral face mask uses the same antimicrobial performance material, making it good for activewear. The result is a stretchy and fast-drying face mask that can handle even the strictest exercise routine. 

The soft, stretchy fabric is comfortable on the face. Unfortunately,  the mask’s ear loops are not adjustable. But overall, it’s a good mask for exercising but lets you machine-wash after every walk or jog. 

Onzie Mindful Mask 


Yoga is a comfortable exercise if you’re using proper yoga clothing. But, why is the same concept used for face masks? Fortunately, Onzie, the athletic wear brand, uses upcycled face masks made from ultra-comfortable yoga fabric. It’s also stretchy and quick drying. 

On the other hand, since it’s made from reused yoga fabric, you can’t really choose specific colors or patterns. All-in-all, it’s a good sustainable mask for exercising and other activities. 

Proper Cloth The Everyday Mask

Modern Fellows

Proper Cloth’s Everyday Mask is made from linen. It comes with antimicrobial treatment; it includes a filter for additional protection. It’s comfortable to wear and has adjustable ear loops. Also, thanks to the nose bridge not being too stiff, it helps keep the mask anchored to your face. 

Moreover, the fabric is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric. With that being said, it’s only good for walking, yoga, and pilates. That’s because it would get damp if you’re doing some heavy exercise. And you wouldn’t really like it since linen is not a performance-friendly material. 

Carbon38 The Mask Kit


When you purchase the Carbon38 The Mask Kit, don’t be surprised if you see two masks and a laundry bag. The masks are made from polyester and cotton, making them dry fast and letting you stay cool. It also comes with an adjustable earloop that fits perfectly well. Likewise, the masks come in two different sizes. 

According to the company, the masks feature a multi-layer filtration system for protection and antibacterial fabric. There’s also a thick fabric, a nose piece that helps keep it in place even for extra movement. Also, the adjustable ear loops are custom fit and snugs carefully. This mask is great for brisk walking and any low-intensity workout. 

The Well Movement Mask Pro


This mask is made with 50% cotton making it hard to dry during a high-intensity workout. But with other exercise activities, it outperforms other 100% cotton masks thanks to the sweat-friendly polyester and spandex. It has adjustable earloops, which is a huge advantage for added fit and comfort. 

Moreover, one of the best features of the mask is the moldable nose pad that fits comfortably against your face. Unfortunately, it’s only good for walking or light workouts. 

Under Armour UA Sportmask


Since it’s Under Armour, you can rest assured that it’s made for athletes. But don’t fret. Exercise enthusiasts will find the UA sports mask very useful. The mask is made with three different layers for improved airflow while protecting you at the same time. Moreover, one layer of the mask features an antimicrobial treatment called “PROTX2.” 

It sits comfortably against the face even when you’re doing a cardio workout. Likewise, it doesn’t stick to your mouth, which is uncomfortable and lets you breathe harder. Even when you’re sweating too much, the mask doesn’t get hot. Instead, it gives off a cool sensation.