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New iPhone 13 Rumor: Apple reduced the earpiece to make the notch smaller

Apple left the iPhone 13 notch with the same height, but they moved the earpiece to reduce the width.  


Are you excited about the new iPhone 13? Rumour has it that Apple is moving the earpiece to significantly reduce the width of the notch. According to a report by 9to5Mac, DuanRui posted on Twitter some screen protectors allegedly for the new iPhone 13. 

The photos show a smaller cut for the notch that if it’s in fact, for the iPhone 13, Apple did reduce its size. While this is not because of the miniaturization of the components, Apple, on the other hand, moved the earpiece away from the notch and relocated it into the phone’s bezel. 

With this change in design, the notch looks to be of the same height but only made narrower. This means that iPhone 13 owners will have more screen area. This also translates to more app updates since there’s a new iPhone model to be launched. 

Unfortunately, the new iPhone 13 is expected to be released in October. Also, it’s unlikely that it will be mentioned at Apple’s upcoming event on April 20. However, we’re excited about the new Apple TV, iPad Pros, and the new AirTags.