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New Antivirus Shocks Internet Users – This Software Boosts Your PC Performance Instantly

Your computer is a personal storage facility that contains your most important, precious and private information. It’s also much easier to access than your typical business computer system, which makes it the perfect target for a cyber-criminal.

Having any of your private information stolen would be devastating! But beware, it happens to more people than you might think. 1 in 4 people are hacked every day. The majority of users who have been hacked do not use an antivirus program. 

Not running regular security scans poses a significant risk.”

With over 5 billion people using computers worldwide, they are a major target for cybercriminals. It’s no surprise then, that cyber-attacks have seen a dramatic increase and are now more common than ever. Hidden Malware can even be found within popular computer programs and emails.

In April 2019, it became public that a computer virus appeared, which is thought to be the worst ever created in the cyber world. It has already targeted over 8.000.000 systems and keeps growing. Even trustworthy sites and programs, such as Word and PDF files have been affected by this virus and browsing them unprotected is guaranteed to be very risky.

Once this virus is active on your system, it starts to gather your personal information, such as username, keyboard type, presence of antivirus, IP, Operating System version, current Windows version, etc.

This dangerous computer virus makes its next move on the basis of information collected. After that, it kills all tasks and processes running on your computer so that it can start encrypting the data and files present in your system.

The most complicated part is that it makes it impossible to decrypt the data which have been encrypted by this virus. This is because it generates different keys every time for encryption, and does not save these keys anywhere, making it completely impossible to recover.

The worst part?

The user receives a message in the form of a .txt or .exe file on his computer telling him that he has to pay an enormous amount of money if he wants the key to his encrypted files!

Revealed: The “Top” Trusted Antivirus Product

Does my computer have this virus? You don’t have to worry. Whether your computer has been affected or not, web developers developed and tested a unique antivirus as an immediate response to this virus.

Lead Developer, David, explains, “Last month we saw thousands of consumers affected by the sudden increase in computer malware. Our main goal was simple; we wanted to help users protect their personal information, identity, and online banking details without fears that their computer may be compromised.”

He continues, “People already love the system. Our plan is to give as many antivirus licenses away as possible so that it goes viral. We feel good knowing that we’re helping make things faster and more secure for our customers.”

So, McAfee was created, having as a priority the user’s protection from this new, ultra-dangerous and catastrophic virus. As many people lost valuable files and their personal computers became useless, McAfee created the ultimate antivirus that not only helps them find their lost files but also offers complete recovery of their system.

Why is McAfee the Best Antivirus, According To Thousands of Users?

Once you have McAfeeinstalled in your computer you will have full protection from this virus immediately. McAfee is an antivirus that stands out among others, as its unique assets make it necessary for every system. It offers: 

Real-Time Antivirus – The system scan locates and eliminates viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware and more, ensuring you are protected against the latest threats.

Scheduled Scans – There’s no need to add a date in your calendar for your next scan, simply select the type of scan you wish to run and schedule how frequent you want the process to run – Hassle-free.

Block Phishing URLs 
– Stay up to date and block the latest malicious phishing URLs with our Safe Site extension. With many thousands of new examples discovered daily, we’ve got your back

Safe Browsing (VPN) – Keep your internet browsing anonymous with our virtual private network connection 

Remote Firewall – We understand that privacy is important, which is why we provide remote firewall access to prevent unauthorized access to your private data.

Enhance Performance – Over time, your computer will naturally slow down. We can help identify specific errors and programs which impact your device’s performance.

Join the Ones Who Have Already Installed McAfee – Get Fully Protected 

Unknown threats are ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even steal your personal information when shopping online or using your internet banking. McAfee has a cutting-edge algorithm that detects and removes any viruses which may be silently dormant on your computer without you knowing.  

The software is revolutionizing the way people protect all their online devices by automating the whole process every step of the way. 

It’s super quick and easy to set up and you don’t need any computer experience. 

Once you have downloaded the software you can also claim licenses for all of your devices, including your smartphone & tablet. It’s no surprise that thousands of computer owners are taking advantage of this safety-approved security system to keep themselves and their devices safe. 

Limited 2020 Edition Is Now Available Only for Our Readers

If you want the ultimate cyber security for your computer you can install McAfee for a fraction of the price.

It’s simple. Just follow the steps to get fully protected and see for yourself how incredible this antivirus software really is.

Boost your computer’s security even if you don’t think you’re at risk right now. Maybe you are in danger! 

How to Stay Virus Free?

 You’ll be directed to the official McAfee website. Install the Ultimate McAfee Antivirus and get 100% virus protection.

It’s That Simple!