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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Review: Is It A Good Business Laptop?

With LTE and Intel 11th Gen combo making a big difference with the new Surface Pro 7+, does it make a good business laptop? Find out in this review. 


Are you looking for a good business laptop? Microsoft just announced in January its new Surface Pro 7+ for Business. While it’s unlikely for the company to place the name “for Business,” it makes sense that Microsoft is giving a modern look and feel into their new devices. 

Thanks to the company’s focus on business laptops, this new model features 4G LTE, great performance, and longer battery life. Likewise, the list of upgrades between the Surface Pro 7 and the Pro 7+ might seem insignificant at first. However, it makes sense when looking into the hardware. 

Just think about including Intel’s latest hardware along with Iris Xe graphics. This makes the Pro 7+ a game-changer. Do you want to learn more? We got something good in store! 

What’s new with the Surface Pro 7+

Never underestimate the little changes. While this works well in life, it does with tech. Just think about the small changes that add up to an excellent user experience. 

  1. New configuration: You can upgrade up to 32GB of RAM
  2. Features a removable SSD enclosure 
  3. Optional 4G LTE connectivity 
  4. Combined performance of Intel 11th Gen and Iris Xe graphics 
  5. Larger battery for longer battery life 

Moreover, the Pro 7+ includes impressive dual-front speakers, accurate display with inking and touch. The entire design is gorgeous. The ports are somewhat limited. That’s because it only involves a single Type-A and Type-C for display, data, and power. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a Thunderbolt.


LTE is essential for any business device. This is especially true for security reasons. Just think about the possible security flaws when you connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks like coffee shops, airports, etc. These are a haven for almost any security issue known to tech.  

For this reason, the Surface Pro 7+ features a Snapdragon X20 LTE modem with CAT 18 support. It can handle up to 1.2 Gbps downloads along with CAT 13 and 150 Mbps uploads. Although it’s not as flashy as the new X24 modem from Qualcomm with up to 2Gbps downloads, however, it’s still acceptable for most users. 

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t opt for the 5G option, which other companies like Lenovo and HP are doing for their 2-in-1 devices. According to the company, a vast majority of its users didn’t list 5G as part of their priority feature. On the other hand, 4G LTE is still capable of providing solid performance.  

Furthermore, this laptop supports both eSim profiles and physical nano-SIM. This allows users to switch between the two profiles using network properties. This makes the IT department’s work a lot easier. You can also buy data instantly thanks to the Mobile Plans app. 

In addition, Surface Pro 7+ offers an excellent LTE performance. This is mainly because of the proper antenna placement. Microsoft designers surely did a great job of placing the antenna on top and rear of the device. This allows maximum reception. 


It all comes down to performance. The truth is, the upgraded 11th Gen processor, along with Iris Xe graphics, is the most notable feature. With this combination, the Surface Pro 7+ is the fastest in terms of intent and purpose. 

Because of this, the Surface Pro 7+ scores higher than the Surface Book 3 15” on Geekbench 5. Moreover, the opponent even uses a 2020-era Core i7-1065G7 processor. 

Storage and Battery

Storage is also another excellent feature for the Surface Pro 7+. It’s all thanks to the faster sequential read speeds of up to 2,200MB/s with an exceptional jump in sequential write of 1,076 MB/s. 

Moreover, the results even compare to other devices in the same category with the same hardware configuration. While the results might not be that special, what’s notable is the fact that Microsoft uses a fanless Core i5. 

Here’s another interesting fact. Even if you leave the 4G LTE on, it doesn’t affect the battery life. The truth is, the battery earned a record of 11 hours and 13 minutes of run time. When the benchmark was a rerun, it still performed 11 hours and 12 minutes. The consistency proves this laptop’s battery offers a solid performance. 


The new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ for Business does address the needs not just of the enterprise but also the education space. Thanks to the LTE, removable SSD, new Intel processor, the Iris Xe graphics, etc. All these features make the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ an excellent business laptop.