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LPGuard’s Best Video Streaming Services In 2021

Break free from expensive cable TV subscriptions. We got an excellent list of video streaming services beyond Hulu and Netflix. 


Do you love to watch the latest movies and TV shows in your free time? We have a list of the best streaming services. Hey, these are some of the excellent choices that go beyond Netflix and Hulu. We bet they offer the best value-for-your-money. 

Video streaming services are the best cable alternative. While they started as an add-on to DVD and digital downloads, they have surely turned things around. In fact, they are the best choice if you have a fast internet connection. Think of the over-abundance of video content available online. 

With that said, tech giants and the entertainment industry are aware of this. This has influenced the rapid change in the landscape. Want to know more? Here are the best video streaming services in 2021. 



Tubi is a free video streaming service with a wide variety of movies and TV shows. Video streaming subscription can be expensive, especially if you have two or three, all at the same time. Fortunately, it’s a free streaming service with a diverse range of popular movies, even better than its paid counterparts. 

What can you watch on this video streaming service? Currently, Tubi has 20,000 movies and TV series available. Since it’s free, this streaming service doesn’t produce original content. If you’re looking for a free streaming service, we highly recommend Tubi. This will surely save you a couple of bucks from your monthly subscriptions. 

HBO Max 


HBO Max has some of the most impressive on-demand libraries. It even offers the latest video streaming features like multiple profiles and offline downloads. Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest option. 

To come out on top, a video streaming service must provide exclusive shows and movies people can’t afford to miss. Even better, it includes content from different sources along with some of the most encouraging content. These are just some of the things HBO Max can offer. It includes a range of premium HBO shows, originals, popular and classic movies, cartoons, and anime. 

YouTube TV

The Verge 

YouTube TV offers a wide variety of channels, Premium DVR features, and solid streaming performance. This makes this streaming service one of the best cable alternatives. There are video streaming services that offer on-demand original content; however, there are those who can eliminate cable subscriptions completely. 

This streaming service makes it one of the best cable alternatives. Thanks to its over 80 channels being offered with different genres from sports, news, and entertainment. It even includes impressive DVR features and supports a wide variety of platforms. Unfortunately, you have to pay a higher monthly cost. 

But it’s still an excellent option since it offers the best combination of streaming content. 



VRV streaming service offers an excellent library of alternative, classic, and international animations. If you’re looking for a good combination of convenience, freedom, and cheaper price, this streaming service is one of your best choices. Since the streaming space is becoming overcrowded, smaller services are mixing together. 

This is the case for VRV.. In fact, it combines different streaming services into a single library. It includes Cartoon Hangover, Hidive, Mondo, Rooster Teeth, NickSplat, Boomerang, and VRV originals. In addition, VRV features a unified web interface that makes it a cohesive whole. You can find the top picks in the home menu together with show recommendations. 



CBS All Access is becoming popular in the traditional broadcast channels. Aside from hosting a wide range of CBS shows, it’s the only way to watch original serials like Star Trek: Discover, Picard, The Twilight Zone, and The Good Fight. It also includes live sports events and local news coverage. 

While it’s not a household name, CBS All Access is an excellent choice for CBS show fans. When you subscribe to this streaming service, you’ll gain access to its extensive catalog of on-demand programs, live content, and news channels. It even includes ViacomCBS networks, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, and MTV. 


Denver Public Library

Kanopy provides users with an abundance of entertainment and educational content for kids and adults. What’s even better is it’s free and without ads. This streaming service partners with some of the biggest names in the video-content space making it the best platform for documentaries and independent films. 

It started in 2008 providing films to different academic institutions and slowly turned into a streaming service with over 30,000 collections. The library consists of a wide range of films from biopics, TV series, documentaries, comedies, and dramas. But don’t take it lightly. This platform is home to the film Moonlight. The  2017 winner for Best Picture and I Am Not Your Negro, an Oscar-nominated documentary. 



Disney+ has an excellent library of premium shows and movies. In fact, it’s celebrated as a feature-filled video streaming service. However, it needs to expand its content to become a household name. Aside from its Disney classic content, it also offers films from Pixar and Marvel. 

This streaming service offers a wide range of content, an attractive interface, competitive features, offline downloads, personal recommendations, and 4K streaming. Moreover, it will continue to expand as it continues to widen its content, making it a stronger contender for Netflix. 


Tom’s Guide

Peacock has a good collection of movies. The most notable, however, it features popular shows from NBC network. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include some of the top-tier NBC shows. So, don’t get frustrated if you can’t get what you expected. 

Peacock operates under NBCUniversal and is owned by Comcast. It’s one of the last remaining streaming services the company has launched. Just like everyone else, its success depends greatly on the popularity of its content. Likewise, its library consists of original series, popular movies, live sports, and NBC network shows. 



FuboTV is an excellent sports streaming service. However, the general audience would also appreciate its news and entertainment content. This streaming service got its main strength from major sports and leagues. They cover everything from local, national, and even international events. 

Unfortunately, the biggest downside is the fact that it only provides users with 720p streams. This applies to most of its content along with the lack of Turner channels and FOX regional sports networks. But if you’re ready to quit cable subscription, fuboTV provides a wide range of sports content and other entertainment content. 

Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video features a wide variety of premium content. But not only that. It even features awesome technical capabilities like offline downloads and 4K HDR streaming. This streaming service is a great option if you want to ditch your cable subscription, but you want to keep watching the latest movies and TV series. 

That’s just what you can expect from Amazon’s impressive collection of content. The streaming service also offers 4K titles, TV shows, and movies for rent or purchase. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the top-tier shows with its services along with third-party content. 


PR Newswire

If you love documentaries, CuriosityStream is a great choice. In fact, it offers documentary-dedicated content if you’re hungry for knowledge and new adventures. When most people turn into video streaming services for entertainment consumption, there are those who want to explore new and exciting worlds. 

As the name suggests, CuriosityStream offers documentaries ranging from space exploration, ancient civilization, coronavirus, etc. It’s just what you expect from the creators of Discovery Channel. Likewise, it lives up to its promises of a rich collection of documentaries with amazing quality and a steady flow of knowledge-based content. 



Hulu is a dependable streaming service with live TV and classic shows. In fact, it’s a premium streaming service. With the ongoing war on the streaming services space, this video streaming platform continues to be a strong contender. Thanks to its original series, offline downloads, a wide range of video content library. 

Moreover, Hulu’s library focuses mainly on TV shows. It currently includes hundreds of seasons along with thousands of episodes coming from other networks. Just like Netflix and Amazon, Hulu has its own originals such as Castle Rock, Helstrom, Harlots, Little Fires Everywhere, High Fidelity, Marvel’s Runaways, etc.