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LPGuard’s Best Tech Gifts For Your Next Travel

Business travel is one thing. Packing your bags and leaving your normal routine for a week or more is another. Here are some of the best tech gifts to give yourself or your loved ones great for traveling. 

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Traveling is beneficial for your overall well-being. Studies suggest that it’s good for your mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s fun and exciting. In fact, it makes you healthier too. It relieves stress, improves creativity, boosts happiness and satisfaction, and it even prevents depression. 

While COVID-19 prevented traveling all around the world, however, it doesn’t mean that it will remain like that forever. We all experience moving from the living room to the bedroom for months, and it’s stressful. Most of us are dreaming of being a wanderlust or a simple staycation. 

Traveling will always be something we look forward to. It’s not so bad to prepare a little early for your next trip abroad or a simple staycation, right? With that said, there are plenty of tech items that suit every traveler’s need. 

Make sure to check our list when prepping’ up for that next travel spree. Of course, we strongly suggest going your way when it’s safe. 

Aukey PB-N83 Mini 10,000-mAh USB-C Power Bank


Power Banks are essential for traveling to ensure you don’t run out of juice. These portable chargers prove beneficial to negate the need for an outlet. For this reason, it’s a must-have for travelers. The Aukey PB-N83 Mini provides 10,000 mAh of power. 

With just as big as a credit card, you can be assured that your battery will never run out for the rest of the day. Likewise, it lets you charge two devices simultaneously. And the best part, it’s often on sale. 

Apple iPad 8th Gen 2020


Having an iPad helps a lot in your downtime. Even when you’re curling up on the couch for the whole day or to distract the kids when you’re on a long trip, an iPad will surely come in handy. Likewise, the new eight-gen iPad is released early this year. 

It features Apple’s A12 processor, which is good for gaming, an Apple pencil, and an Apple Smart keyboard. With these features, you’ve got yourself an excellent homeschooling tool. 

Sony WH-1000XM4


Traveling can be tiring. Don’t cut yourself short of rest, and sleep is a must. The Sony WH-1000XM4 is an excellent headphone thanks to its good noise-canceling feature. It’s able to block out background noises, including your neighbor’s noises. 

The good thing is, it’s on holiday sale. The headphone has excellent sound quality; it can answer and receive calls, excellent ANC, and a toggle switch for Bluetooth devices like your phone or laptop. 

Tribit StormBox Micro


The Tribit StormBox Micro is a great choice if you’re looking for an excellent Bluetooth speaker. Here’s another good news. It’s now on sale for $50. The StorBox Micro comes with 8 hours of battery life, and it’s dust and waterproof as well. You can attach it almost anywhere when you’re traveling. 

Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0

The Broke Backpacker

When you’re traveling, it’s best to have a nice backpack with lots of pockets. Pockets often keep your tech items organized. With that being said, we suggest the Solgaard Lifepack. It features a padded laptop compartment, neat pockets for your sunglasses, phones, and secret pockets for other valuables, including an anti-theft lock. 

Here’s more. It has a built-in power bank and Bluetooth speaker. It lets you charge in a regular electrical outlet or with its front solar panel. The solar panel charges your devices slowly as you move along.