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LPGuard’s Best SSDs When Upgrading Your Laptop’s Storage In 2021

Improve your old computer’s performance with the most cost-effective upgrade! Yes, you got that right. All you need is to upgrade your computer’s storage from HDD to SSD. 


SSDs are quieter, cooler, significantly faster, sturdier, and use less power than the traditional HDD. So, if you’re thinking about doing an upgrade without paying too much for a brand new computer, it’s best to consider an SSD upgrade. 

This will significantly improve your computer’s performance. In fact, you’ll notice that it runs like new. With that said, here are our best SSDs when you’re ready to make an upgrade. 

Mushkin Pilot-E

Tom’s Hardware

The Mushkin Pilot-E is the best SSD option if you’re on a tight budget. It offers decent speeds with a good endurance rating. Let’s get real! It’s not a fancy SSD, but it surprisingly performed better than other pricier brands. The Pilot-E is a second-gen, M.2 NVMe SSD. Moreover, it has a sequential read and writes rating of 3,5000MBps and 3,000MBps.  

In addition, the Pilot-E is a strong contender in the entry-level budget SSDs. It also offers decent speed results, and it’s durable. 

Crucial BX500 (480GB)

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The Crucial BX500 is also an affordable SATA SSD especially designed for budget-conscious buyers. It’s lightweight but goes heavy when it comes to value. However, since this is a SATA-based SSD, you have to look out for the durability rating. This means you have to check the vendor-rated lifecycle which is expressed in “terabytes or TBW.” 

Unfortunately, the BX500 has a lower TBW rating. Moreover, the BX500 features relatively similar speeds for a SATA device. But here’s something worth mentioning. The BX500 has a warranty of up to three years. 

Samsung SSD 870 EVO

Tom’s Hardware 

The Samsung SSD 870 EVO features excellent speeds and efficiency even under a heavy workload. This is a great choice if you need a significant SATA SSD upgrade. It offers both responsive and reliable architecture, AES 256-bit encryption, up to 4TB, a software suite, and a 5-year warranty. 

If you’re looking for the best  SATA SSD, this is highly recommended. This SATA SSD offers significantly high-ranking efficiency and performance ratings and is regarded for its reliability. That’s quite given since it came from a reputable company with many years of experience in the computer industry. 

WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD


The WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD delivers a decent performance thanks to its software tweaks and firmware upgrades. While the high capacity WD Black SN750 is a bit slow, the 1TB model offers some of the highest sustained writing performance. That means, even if it’s not the fastest, it is still a good choice for anyone looking for an SSD upgrade. 

It’s efficient, consistent, with high sustained write performance. While the new SN750 model uses the same hardware as the older model, Samsung made sure they improved the firmware to deliver the best performance possible. As a result, this SSD is one of the fastest drives in the market. 

Samsung SSD 970 EVO 


The Samsung 970 EVO comes with additional layers for better performance. It features a black PCB, excellent overall performance, and a premium software package. This SSD is equipped with a V5 flash. This provides a nice bump in performance, reaching up to 3.5GB/s of sequential read throughput. 

It also comes with hardware encryption, up to five years of warranty, and 1,200 TBW of endurance. As a result, the EVO 970 is one of the speedy SSD you can find in the market today. According to the company, this SSD uses the latest 9x-layer flash and operates at a much faster speed. Its predecessor only uses only a 64-layer flash.