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LPGuard’s Best Parental Guidance Apps For Kids In 2021

Make sure your kids consume the best content online with our best parental guidance app today. 

5 Best Things

Do you know what your kids are searching online? If not, it’s time to monitor their online activities with the best parental control apps available today. Not only does it prevent them from entering unsafe websites, but it’s also a great way to manage, track, and control their access to only the appropriate content. 

In like manner, these apps work by blocking access to websites that are often banned, such as gambling, file sharing, violence, and pornography. Also, there are apps that include web-filtering, which lets you create specific rules, block profanity, blocks access to anonymous proxies, etc. 

With that said, one of the best things most mobile parental control apps are most useful is their ability to prevent kids from using certain apps. This is often the case for parents who want to prevent their children from using social media, messaging services that are hard to monitor, or browsers that can get around certain web filters. 

So, to cut the story short, here are some of the best parental control apps that you can use to keep your kid’s from consuming inappropriate content. 

Net Nanny

Parental Control Now! 

Net Nanny features one of the most essential monitoring and screen management tools.  While it’s not the most affordable choice, it’s still one of the apps to invest in. One of my favorites about this app is its ability to work around contact and phone even when the device is paused. 

Moreover, it uses Artificial Intelligence to filter websites and detect unverified content. This will check every link, URL, and website that your kids will try to access. That means it has one of the best collections of features for limiting, monitoring, and protecting your kids from harmful online content. 



Locategy works well with iOS and Android OS. However, it doesn’t support major computer operating systems like Mac and PCs. Also, its best feature is with its location tracking tools. For this reason, the company behind the app named itself “location.”

Likewise, it provides some of the basic app blocking features, an easy-to-use interface, and a suitable option for parents who want to keep track of their kids’ online activities. Additionally, it has good pricing and is considered a good value-for-money parental control app. 


PCMag Asia

Mobicip can do almost everything you expect from a good parental control app like block apps, manage screen time, location tracking, and even YouTube monitoring. Likewise, there are sensitivity settings such as monitor, mature, moderate, and strict. It also features a custom option that allows users to choose which apps and websites to block or allow. 

In perspective, Mobicip is a dynamic parental monitoring app with a good web filter. With that said, they should make adequate upgrades with their time management tool and include access to the phone and SMS when the device is paused. 



Boomerang supports both iOS and Android platforms. It features an excellent suite for different options that helps control screen time, contact, usage, and other essential aspects of your kid’s smartphone. Likewise, it boosts native device features thanks to its powerful, real-time, and interactive options. 

Additionally, Boomerang is designed not just as a parental control app but also as a security and protection system for kids who use their own devices. Likewise, it comes with a wide range of degrees for privacy depending on age, parent’s comfort level, and maturity of the child. 

Symantec Norton Family Premier


The Norton Family Premier is a powerful cross-platform parental control app that allows multiple device monitoring. With that said, it’s an excellent parental control app with an antivirus package for one year. 

Notably, it features intuitive reporting, house rules that can be configured by age groups, and convenient presets depending on the user’s age or a particular device. Also, each category is presented in intuitive rule management and monitoring. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids


Kaspersky Safe Kids is the most affordable option for monitoring your kid’s Android devices. Unfortunately, it’s not the best option if you’re using iOS devices. Thanks to Kaspersky Lab, it has added another useful parental-control app to its portfolio with the most cost-effective pricing. 

Notably, the free version comes with a single computer or smartphone monitoring that has some of the best features found in a parental-control app. On the other hand, the premium option allows multiple device monitoring. In addition, the iOS version has less functionality compared to Android OS. 


PCMag Asia

Qustodio is an easy-to-manage and highly customizable app. It works well with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Unfortunately, it comes with a pretty high price. With that said, it’s an impressive parental control app that includes most of the useful features like web content filtering, app blocking, and a comprehensive activity log. 

Moreover, it lets parents manage their kid’s smartphone configuration and monitoring. This means you can review all of your child’s online activity remotely. It’s just unfortunate that it lacks social media tracking tools. However, it has a wide range of excellent features.