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LPGuard’s Best Heart Rate Monitors To Keep You Healthy and Fit In 2021

Whether you’re just getting started or being a seasoned professional, tracking your heart rate is important in getting into the right intensity. Reach Your Fitness Goals With Our Best Heart Rate Monitors In 2021

The Wahoo Fitness Blog

Heart rate monitors are essential for any fitness routine. Likewise, the main advantage of using a heart rate monitor is the fact that you get an accurate index of your overall effort. Many factors affect how fast or slow your heart is beating.  

These factors can vary from the distance and speed, how hydrated you are, or how tired do you feel on a given day. If you combine all these factors with a good understanding of your heart rate zones, heart rate monitors to ensure that your heart is just getting the right amount of exercise it needs to stay healthy. 

Furthermore, there are two main types of heart rate monitors available today. They are the armband and the chest strap models. Depending on your personal preference, we created a list of the best heart rate monitors to smarten your training and help you reach your fitness goals in 2021. 

Scosche Rhythm+

The best heart rate monitor for cyclists 


The Scosche Rhythm+ is particularly the best for indoor riding and the best alternative to chest strap heart rate monitors. It operates via Bluetooth and ANT+ that’s placed around the forearm or bicep area instead of the chest. 

With that said, this heart rate monitor eliminates the discomfort of chest straps. The armband design gathers heart rate data while working with ANT+ and Bluetooth devices. Likewise, it’s not the most innovative device in the market, but it’s reasonably priced nonetheless. 

Wahoo Tickr FIT

The most comfortable to wear


The Wahoo Tickr FIT is the easiest to wear and set up. Let’s face it. One of the best attributes of heart rate monitors is the ease of use and comfortable to wear. It should be easy to connect to its fitness app, smartwatch, bicycle computer, etc. That being said, the Wahoo Tickr FIT has all these qualities. 

The Wahoo Tickr FIT easily pairs with a variety of fitness apps like Runtastic, Strava, Komoot, and Endomondo among others. Likewise, it supports fitness trackers and bike computers too. Just as most heart rate monitors, the Tickr FIT doesn’t come with a display or screen. All you have to do is connect it to the app, smartwatch, or any compatible device. 

Scosche Rhythm24

Best heart rate monitor for triathlons and duathlons


The Scosche Rhythm24 is an armband heart rate monitor. You can use it for a variety of sports because it has special modes dedicated to duathlons and triathlons. You can connect it to almost any device that supports ANT+ and Bluetooth. 

Moreover, the Rhythm24 is an upgraded version of the Rhythm+ model. The big difference is the addition of the LED that indicates different heart rate zones. Red means you’re in the highest zone. Likewise, it comes in five different zones. It’s an incredibly useful feature for training, workouts, and races. 

Polar OH1

Best HRM for those who love the armband design


The Polar OH1 is a lightweight, reliable, and comfortable armband heart rate monitor. The OH1 is an optical device just like the Apple Watch and many other running fitness trackers. Likewise, if you’re into armband heart rate monitors, the Polar OH1 should be on your top of the list. 

It supports a wide range of fitness apps like Strava. Likewise, optical technology uses light to read the information from your blood flow and pulse. This is considered more accurate compared to chest straps heart rate monitors. In addition, it supports ANT+ and Bluetooth and can connect seamlessly with runner’s watches or bicycle computers. Also, the device weighs only 0.176 once, which is very light. 

Garmin HRM-Run

The heart rate monitor for runners

The Wired Runner

The Garmin HRM-Run is a dream come true for data junkies. It’s a heart rate monitor strap if you already have a Garmin fitness tracker that’s compatible with it. Moreover, it offers advanced stats like ground contact time and oscillation. 

The HRM-Run from Garmin is a unique and excellent running gear that’s specially made for runners. It features a built-in accelerometer, a fitness tracker, and advanced metrics like ground contact time, oscillation, cadence, stride length, vertical ratio, and ground contact balance. 

Garmin HRM-Dual

The basic, yet most reliable heart rate monitor


The Garmin HRM-Dual is a serious training companion in the form of a heart rate strap. It supports ANT+ and Bluetooth with long battery life for the best training experience and fitness routines. Likewise, it’s the most accurate measurement of heart rate as it’s a chest strap. 

Likewise, it’s optical wristband neighbor is more comfortable and less intrusive if you don’t want to face the problem of sweat and action. Additionally, the Garmin HRM-Dual uses ANT+ and Bluetooth LE so it’s compatible with other devices like the Lezyne Super Pro GPS, Suunto, and Polar smartwatches.