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LPGuard’s Best Gaming Gifts This Holiday Season

We got the most exciting hardware and titles, every gamer would surely love. Plus, they’re a great gift for hardcore gamers this holiday season. 


Are you an obsessive gamer? Or maybe you knew someone? Online games have never been so popular. Since the pandemic happened, a lot of people have turned to online games for recreation. With that said, gaming titles and hardware have been in-demand. 

Whether you’re into VR headsets, PCs, PS5, Xbox Series S, or Series X, every gamer has his unique needs. We understand that getting your hands on the limited-edition products can be tricky because of limited stocks and shipment delays. 

But if you’re a really hardcore gamer, we’ve got some of the coolest gaming gifts for you. Make sure to check them out. We’re pretty sure they’ll appreciate it! Happy holidays. 

Nintendo Switch Lite 

The child-friendly mobile console 


Nintendo’s Switch Lite is the mobile version of the Switch console. It’s built exclusively for mobile games. With the Switch Lite, you can relive the good-old-days of the classic Game Boy. This mobile console is specifically designed for hand-held gaming. It comes with a permanently attached game controller. Unfortunately, the Switch Lite can’t connect to your TV. 

With that being said, it’s the perfect gift for those who want to relive the days of the Game Boy. As can be seen, it’s a great gift for every obsessive gamer. The truth is, the Switch Lite prides itself on being called every gamer’s best gift this holiday season. 

Nintendo Switch V2

The TV-ready and Kid-friendly console 


The Switch V2 is already available in stores. In fact, a lot of gamers are trading-in their original Switch hardware for the new V2 model. Thanks to the new modular Switch for the V2, it’s a major processor upgrade that improved the console’s battery life. As a result, users will have longer gaming sessions. 

Corsair One Gaming PC

Best for hardcore PC gamers


Corsair One is a small gaming system but packed with features for a big gaming experience. While the hardware looks cool and running quietly, it promises a superb performance. They might be small but don’t underestimate them. The most affordable model costs up to $2,700. With that being said, it’s not the gift most givers can afford. But it’s still worth the try if you can afford it. 

Xbox Series X

The cutting-edge game console


The Xbox Series X is one of the leading game consoles to be released this year. That’s why it fetches a high price. For the best gaming experience, make sure to connect the Series X with a 4K TV or monitor to hook it into. 

Xbox Series S

For the newbie Xbox gamers 


This is the cheaper and better choice of Xbox for first-time Xboxers. In fact, older Xbox models can handle 4K resolution as compared to the Series S’ 1440p. However, the big downside is slower performance and its inability to support new games that are optimized for the newer models such as the Series X.

PlayStation 5 Digital 

Best for Sony game console fans 

The New York Times 

Sony is launching two models of the PS5 consoles. Loyal Sony PlayStation fans will surely love these new consoles. The only difference between the two consoles is the inclusion of the optical disc drive. This gives old PlayStation gamers who still have their old game discs to play them and relive their childhood memories. 

Dell G5 SE Gaming Laptop 

For the budget gamer or giftee

Digital Trends 

If you’re on a tight budget but you want to give someone a gaming laptop that only costs about $1,000, the Dell G5 SE is your best choice. You can also consider its G5 its Intel-based sibling. It’s playable and it has decent battery life if you need to use it for work or schoolwork.

Sega Genesis Mini 

Best for gamers under 40s


Just when you thought retro micro consoles are just part of gaming history, you need to think again. The same is true with the Sega Genesis version. It’s the vintage video gaming console that the entire Gen-X gamers would like to get their hands on again. It comes with the all-time favorite video game options that bring nostalgia. 

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

The best virtual playmate


The new Oculus Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset is not just better and faster than the original model but it’s cheaper too. Here’s the interesting part. It’s not just for gaming but it’s also a fitness trainer, a virtual theater, and a wearable monitor.