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Best Password Managers

LPGuard’s Best Free Password Managers For 2021

Keep your important data safe and secure against data breaches and other cyber security-related incidents for free. We got the best free password managers available in the market today. 

Digital Uppercut

Are you a business owner? Then this is for you. The thing is, cybersecurity is a top priority in today’s business landscape. With that said, business owners should find effective solutions that would protect their data and important files but should also be manageable for their employees. 

The best solution? Make sure to change your passwords frequently. That should have been your first line of defense. However, it’s hard to remember complex character combinations, and making constant changes could be confusing. This is harder for most people. Unless you really have the tenacity to remember everything from memory. 

On the other hand, Password Managers can help you solve this problem. Password managers will help keep your data safe without the need to remember complex password combinations. This includes long phrases, punctuations, symbols, and capitalization. But the best thing of all, you’re ensuring a strong password all the time. 

Let’s get down to business. Here are the best free password managers in the market today! I repeat, these are free tools. Get the full benefits of using password managers to keep your files and data safe without paying a dime! 



Just trying to remember dozens of strong and unique passwords is just plain impossible without using a password manager. The good news is, there are free versions available. LastPass’s free version, for example, comes with many features compared to its competitors. But the best thing of all, it syncs across major platforms such as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. 

Likewise, this comes with an unlimited number of entries that you can create. Moreover, LastPass has three different plans such as Free, Premium, and Family. The Free version comes with the standard password manager features that are not available on other password managing software. 

Some of the notable features of the free version are cross-platform password vault, auto-filling capabilities, password generator, secure notes, one-to-one sharing capabilities, multi-factor authentication support, and password strength report. 

Additionally, other free password managers are too limited. RoboForm and Enpass for example, places a limit on the amount of passwords for free users to save. On the other hand, Dashlane and Keeper only allow single device usage while MyKi’s and Bitwarden don’t apply limitations on total passwords and cross-device syncing. 



Bitwarden comes in two plans, a free version, and a paid version. Likewise, it’s a secure, open-source password manager. This tool offers features that you can expect from a premium password manager, such as two-factor authentication, local or cloud hosting options, password breach monitoring, password breach monitoring, and strong encryption. 

Moreover, the free version includes a biometric login that’s only available for paid versions for most of its competitors. The password generator feature is simple but effective. It allows users to generate random characters or create easy-to-remember passphrases. It has a default password length of 14 characters but also gives you a choice to create longer ones. 

Bitwarden also supports secure sharing. They refer to this feature as organizations. The free organizations only support two users, and these users are allowed to create two collections. Collections are important since you can limit access from other users to your specified collection. Of course, if you subscribe to the premium version, you can have unlimited collections. 

As a free account user, you’re allowed to access the online vault and send a data breach report. This passes through the HaveIBeenPwned website and reports details of the breach, including your email. Additionally, there are five other reports, but they are only available for the premium version. 

In addition, Bitwarden features TOTP-based two-factor authentication. This means that it knows if you have enabled the two-factor authentication for every saved website. The inactive 2FA report will detect whether you neglected to enable the 2FA on the site. Overall, it’s an excellent free password manager.