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Best Encryption Softwares

LPGuard’s Best Encryption Softwares To Protect Your Data In 2021

Get the most comprehensive data protection with the best Data Encryption Software in 2021. 


Data breaches are a real threat. It goes for individuals and big businesses alike. With that said, data protection is too much work for a legacy solution alone. But if you’re serious about protecting your business, it’s time to consider using data encryption software.

Data encryption tools don’t just protect you online, in fact, it also protects you from your companions. For example, you left your computer at your office, and someone managed to come inside. That individual will never get past the tool’s security. This ensures your files and other important data will never fall into the wrong hands. 

Moreover, data encryption doesn’t give hackers and even the authorities back doors to gain access to sensitive files. With that being said, all the products included in this list claimed they don’t have a back door. That means you can rely on their top-level security. 

Cypherix SecureIT

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Cypherix SecureIT provides powerful encryption. The tool creates disk drive-like volumes to help secure your data. While the concept remains simple, the encryption technology being used is highly favored in the industry, raising its prices significantly. 

With that being said, modern encryption algorithms are a long way, but they’re still strong enough to keep your data safe and secure. Moreover, this encryption tool does its job well; it’s easy-to-use, modern-look, and uses a multistep security handshake to ensure no one gets past the security but you. 



The files you drop into the CryptoExpert’s storage vault are encrypted. This encryption tool secures your sensitive files using its created storage. Likewise, it’s easy-to-use, and it comes with two-factor authentication. While antivirus programs give you a certain level of protection, encryption tools are more effective at storing your most important files. 

CryptoExpert is easy to install. It can also hold the vault password with the memory. However, it forgets the passphrase after a certain amount of time. Likewise, one of the most notable features is it lets you store the password using a USB drive. There’s also a management console that allows you to track and manage the USB drives used on the tool. 

Advanced Encryption Package


The Advanced Encryption Package (AEP) delivers one of the strongest encryption keys. It brings many advantages for an excellent encryption tool. It’s also easy to use and has the ability to compress encrypted files. Although it’s not the fastest, however, it compensates with its additional security features. 

Moreover, the Pro version offers many other options. This adds on top of the AES 256-bit key for added security. Likewise, it allows you to use other types of ciphers, including CAST, GOST, Serpent, Twofish, and Blowfish.  

Folder Lock

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Folder Lock helps you hide and secures your files with password-protect. It also encrypts not just folders and files but email attachments, backups, USB, and CD drives too. Likewise, they even include wallets that store your credit card numbers along with other sensitive personal information. 

Aside from Password strength, this tool also allows you to use Master Password for the Lock Files feature alone. Moreover, the Make Wallet feature lets you create secure data compartments where you can store your encrypted passwords, bank accounts, credit card numbers, and many more. 

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

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The CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box ranks high with its security, encryption, and secure sharing capabilities. With that said, this tool offers excellent anti-phishing tools along with its customer API options. Likewise, it’s cloud-based software to store your sensitive files while keeping them safe against harmful entities. 

Since it’s a cloud-based tool, you don’t need Windows and macOS applications. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t come in mobile form. Its most important feature is zero-knowledge encryption. That means, not even the tool itself can look through your files. 

AxCrypt Premium

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AxCrypt Premium offers a solid encryption service. While it requires a little bit of tweaking, it doesn’t work really well as long as you have the know-how. Moreover, this tool is already a long-standing open-source encryption tool. It was developed by Svante Seleborg way back in 2001. 

As I was saying, this tool offers some of the best encryption abilities to keep your files safe. It also follows the latest standard in encryption technology with the capability to work even without an internet connection. While this is useful, it will require some tweaking on your part to make it more effective. 



NordLocker will keep your local files encrypted for free whether you’re running on macOS or Windows operating systems. This is a reassuring piece of security. It also allows you to store your files in the cloud and sync them. However, this will require an extra cost. 

As the name suggests, NordLocker came from the same company that gave you NordVPN and NordPass. Since the company is all about software encryption, you can rely on it to keep your files safe and secure. In fact, it’s even deemed impenetrable to anyone except, of course, to the user.