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LPGuard’s Best Audio Eyewears In 2021

Make your life a lot easier with these amazing audio eyewear in 2021. 


Amazon and Bose are at the top of the ladder for the best audio eyewear. However, there are a wealth of available brands that can easily fit your budget and personal needs. You don’t have to opt for the big brands if you don’t like them, right? 

So, what’s with this new hype? For starters, audio eyewear makes life easier. They act like little helpers that support you in your daily routine. They play your favorite music, remind you of your appointments, exercise, and even tell you to drink enough water. 

Moreover, these little helpers don’t just help protect your eyes and let you work more efficiently. In fact, they’re good fashion accessories and can be integrated with your unique lifestyle. With that said, here is our best audio eyewear to fit your lifestyle in 2021. 

Fauna audio glasses 

The flashy sunglasses. Available at Fauna for $300


This Austria-based company released their audio glasses with a variety of different styles to choose from. But they don’t come cheap. That’s because they made sure it got the premium feel. As a result, the Fauna audio glasses are the most stylish audio glasses in the market today. 

As with sound quality, the Fauna glasses offer a full sound with decent quality. Also, they’re good enough for making calls. While it’s expensive, you’re guaranteed a good sound quality with a premium look and feel. In addition, it has an IPX4 water-resistant rating. That means it’s splashproof. 

Amazon Echo Frames

The most comfortable to wear. Available at Amazon for $250. 


The Amazon Echo Frames comes with an Amazon Alexa voice assistant. That means you can ask this voice assistant almost anything under the sun; what’s the weather, sports scores, skip music tracks, and even control other Alexa smart home products without doing anything. 

Unfortunately, the sound department isn’t that amazing. In fact, they fall behind in this category to the Bose Frames. However, they’re still a good option for audio glasses. But to compensate, the company is offering an easy return policy if you happen to dislike the product. Likewise, these audio glasses offer an IPX4 waterproof rating. That means they’re splash-proof. 

Bose Tenor and Soprano

The best day-to-day audio sunglasses. Available at Bose for $249. 

Mixed Design Group

The Tenor and Soprano are part of Bose’s family of products as the famous Tempo. With that said, these models are designed as standard sunglasses. Unfortunately, they don’t have water-resistance capabilities. They have a slick look, glossy finish, and they come as oversized sunglasses, which girls love. 

Furthermore, Boat enhanced the sound quality and battery life of both models. They can reach up to 5.5 hours. It’s a big leap from the previous 3.5 hours. Likewise, they have a better bass response with louder sounds and fuller music. While they don’t have the big bass from a standard headphone, they’re still significantly better compared to some of the bone-conduction headphones. 

Bose Tempo Frames

The best sound quality, ideal for sports. Available at Bose for $249.


If you’re into the best-sounding audio glasses and great overall performance, this one is for you. The Bose Tempo Frames is great for sports. In fact, it’s designed for cyclists, bikers, runners, etc. But don’t get deceived by its bulky appearance. That’s because they fit and stay securely on your head. 

Likewise, the Tempo has better sound and battery compared to the Tenor and Soprano. It has better overall specs as well. You can charge this audio eyewear using a USB-C charging with 22mm drivers. It also has a longer battery life that can last up to 8 hours. With sound, it has significant improvement with louder and deeper sound quality.