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LPGuard’s 4 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners In 2020

Go where wired vacuums can’t! Cordless vacuum cleaners give you more flexibility and convenience when cleaning your home, and it’s safer too. 

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Vacuum cleaners used to be big and bulky. In fact, they’re some of the heaviest appliances you can find. But all of that has changed. Today, a lot of machines are made from lightweight materials. Plus, they’re powered by lithium-ion batteries. 

With that being said, they can clean almost any type of flooring including carpets and hardwoods. They also come with many functional attachments to help you do more when cleaning your home. 

For one, Dyson, a popular brand of vacuum cleaners pioneered the cordless vacuum with its Cyclone V series stick model. Of course, many brands followed. Others have even copied Dyson’s very own products. 

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best cordless vacs to keep your home clean and fresh in 2020. 

Moosoo M X6

The best value vac for the price


While the Moosoo brand isn’t really a household name, nevertheless, it offers a decent product with the Moosoo M X6 cordless vacuum cleaner. But don’t get deceived by its cheap price tag. That’s because the M X6 scores fourth place when tested with eight different vac models. 

Moreover, it can pick up 99% of sand from hardwood while it scored 41.3% when tested with low-pile carpet. However, it scored better when tested with a low-pile carpet with a pickup score of 52.2%. When tested with black rice, the Moosoo vacuum managed to pick up 90% of it on hardwood and about 95.4 and 94% relatively with low-pile and mid pile carpets. 

On the contrary, we don’t recommend the M X6 if you’re a pet owner. Overall, it’s a value vacuum cleaner especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless

Best midrange cordless vacuum cleaner 


The Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless is one of the best performers, overall. It came in close when cleaning floors with the Dyson V11, but for a fraction of a cost. During the tests, this cordless vacuum cleaner was able to remove almost the same amount of sand from hardwood floors and mid pile carpets. 

With that being said, the only area where it failed to the V11 is with the low-pile carpet. The Shark Rocket was able to pull 67.6% of sand while the Dyson V11 removed about 78.4% on average. Likewise, it was able to handle pet hair with ease when tested on hardwood and low-pile carpets. 

In addition, the Rocket can manage pet hair easily. In fact, it completely wiped animal dander. It showed great results with mid-pile carpet as well. Thanks to its dust cap, it remained clear of dirt and debris. Also, there are LED lights on the nozzle to help clean your home faster and easier. 

Dyson V8 Absolute 

The cheaper Dyson model 


If you’re a Dyson fan but you don’t want to spend that much, the Dyson V8 Absolute is your best choice. While it’s a few years older model, it still has the suction power and performance of a good cordless vacuum cleaner. 

During the test, the V8 managed to pick up about 98% of the sand. For the low-pile carpet, it scored about 68.3% and about 52% on the mid pile carpet. Also, it was able to handle pet hair. It easily pulled the hair from both mid-pile and low-pile carpets. However, it left a tiny amount of dander on the hardwood. 

In addition, some fibers wrapped around the vacuum’s brush roll. On the other hand, the washable filter was proven handy. The V8 Absolute is an upright vacuum with a good amount of assorted add-ons. The add-ons include a tool for dusting, a crevice tool for tight crevices, a soft-cleaning head for bare floors, a motorized brush roll, and a docking station for battery charging. 

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The best overall cordless vacuum

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By far, the Dyson V11 is our top pick for the best stick vac in 2020. Likewise, it’s the most expensive of the four. This flagship model delivers the best in performance which is acceptable for its expensive price. 

When tested on the hardwood floor, the V11 Torque Drive completely wiped out the floors clean. It shows its almost flawless performance for both black rice and sand with 99.6%-100% accuracy. It’s even great for pet owners. It completely removed hair fibers and dust from both low pile and mid pile carpets. 

It was able to pick up pet hair from hardwood flooring. Additionally, the V11’s dust bin is easy to clean. All you have to do is aim the vacuum into the trash, and release the tab top open the lid. It’s that simple.