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LPGuard’s Best Payroll Softwares In 2021

Reduce delays and errors in salary distribution and cut down tasks for the finance department. Here are the best online payroll software that you can choose from.


There are many benefits to using online payroll software. For one, streamlining your payroll system will result in fewer errors, give you improved accessibility, and mobility simplified payroll processing for your employees, and eliminate the use of the traditional paper and ink method. 

Payroll software will help your business decentralize the whole process. This eliminates unnecessary delays and longer processing time for your employees. On the other hand, it gives your business a more flexible way of processing and checking payroll. As a result, it will save you time, energy, and resources. 

With that said, you can focus on more productive aspects of your business. In addition, creating a reliable finance and accounting system will help you jumpstart your company’s optimization process. So, here is the best online payroll software to help you choose which one suits your business’ needs. 


The best for salary-based, hourly payroll and contractors

PCMag Asia

Hourly grew out of a need. It was created by building contractors who, at the time needed to track time for their hourly workers. With that said, it’s an online financial service that isn’t launched by a traditional software company. 

It’s early mobile app eventually developed into a seasoned payroll solution. Moreover, it features a built-in worker’s compensation tracking. Today, it’s considered a commercial product for small businesses that tracks hourly and salary-based payrolls. 

Square Payroll

Best tool for extra small businesses


Square Payroll started offering its online services in 2015. In fact, it became popular thanks to its ease of use, supports most payroll administration, taxes, etc. Unfortunately, it lacks the depth and customizability that its competitors are offering. 

On the other hand, Square Payroll can be used by businesses that are already using Square Point of Sale. Thanks to its feature that lets you import employee time cards into the payroll site. Moreover, this tool got its advantage because of its ‘contractor-only’ option. It’s an easy choice for new businesses that are using independent contractors. 


The newest payroll software but best for small-scale businesses


Workful is only two years in the service and developed by the same company that created TaxSlayer. The truth is, this payroll software started redesigning its mobile platform which resulted in an efficient user interface and navigation tools. 

Likewise, it simplified its unusual pricing and tweaked its onboarding tools. With that said, it now provides payroll tax filing. Unfortunately, it’s only available in six states. It also lacks the depth and adaptability of the top-rated payroll software. 

In addition, Workfuk comes with some excellent features like a time clock, employee portals, and granular user permission. Since it’s new, we can only hope it becomes fully mature in the near future coming up with exceptional upgrades. 


Best for small businesses

Patriot Software

Patriot is a capable payroll software with top-notch support. It features significant improvements like payroll flexibility and site design. For this reason, small businesses will benefit greatly from this payroll software. 

Moreover, Patriot Software Full Service Payroll offers basic tasks necessary to create employee records. However, it also defines deductions and contributions, automated submission of payroll taxes, and runs payroll processes. 

Also, there are new features included like improved user experience and better payroll flexibility. One of the notable things about this tool is it comes with an integrated accounting website 


Best payroll software for mid-sized businesses


Rippling is originally an HR platform but it features superior onboarding and administration capabilities which is an excellent choice for small and midsize businesses. However, it includes a decent payroll functionality. 

Truth is, Rippling is a smart benefits administration service with advanced features for companies that have 500 employees. Also, it can integrate with midrange accounting applications like Intacct and NetSuite. 

What’s even better is it only costs like the small business level. For this reason, Rippling is an excellent choice if you want significant growth for your business. Additionally, its website works together with NFP Corporation where the latter handles insurance renewals and registrations. 


Best for small businesses with flexible payroll and affordable pricing

BizCast HQ

SurePayroll has been serving companies for two decades. It established itself as a competent software for creating and handling employee records, payroll processing, managing taxes and a big help for small businesses. Moreover, it comes with additional upgrades like navigation, onboarding, help, and even COVID-19 resources. 

While it has decent flexibility and user interface environment, unfortunately, it lacks HR support. Likewise, it comes with an easy-to-use navigation system as well as a higher level of flexibility that you can’t see in most services. 

Furthermore, it can support other industries like nonprofits, households, restaurants, dental businesses, agriculture, transportation, and healthcare. Also, it has integration with other accounting software.


Best for small and midsize businesses that are looking for depth and flexibility

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OnPay features excellent depth and flexibility that makes payroll processing faster and more understandable. It’s for this reason that it’s a great choice for small businesses that need both payroll and HR functionalities. 

Moreover, OnPay is a cloud-based payroll service that’s flexible and functional. It’s a complete payroll solution that allows managers to produce extensive employee records with unlimited monthly payroll runs. Likewise, it provides different reports that you can easily display or modify. 

Additionally, it has significant updates that include new features like an HR dashboard, conversation tracking, document vault, and improved employee portals. Also, OnPay is an excellent payroll solution thanks to its great blend of HR tools and payroll features. 


The best for small businesses with an easy-to-use interface


Although it’s new to payroll services, Gusto has already established itself in many different ways. Some of the most noteworthy features include an excellent user experience, an easy-to-use interface, and a smart navigation system. This often results in efficiency for otherwise time-consuming tasks. 

Likewise, Gusto has additional functionalities like user experience, benefits, and contractor payments. This payroll software involves a simple yet highly intuitive user interface that small business people will surely appreciate. 

Thanks to its useful features such as payroll management, company support, and excellent user experience, Gusto is a go-to payroll software for most small-sized businesses. In addition, it’s a versatile solution if you want a sweet blend of HR and payroll features.