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LG Creates Battery Operated Face Mask To Make Breathing Easier

Big tech companies are making efforts to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, and LG is one of them, making electronic face masks to help users breathe easily. 

The Verge

COVID-19 affected everything and everyone. Luckily, big tech companies came together to help. Apple donated about 10 million masks to the medical community working on the front lines. 

Amazon hired 100,000 new employees. This is to provide a living for the many who have already lost their jobs because of the crisis. That’s not all! The company is increasing its employees’ salaries by $2 per hour. 

It doesn’t stop there! The list actually goes on. There are many tech companies doing their part to help, including LG, that is taking the helm on the battery-operated face masks for easy breathing. 

Hop in, and we’ll see how this new product will impact our current situation. 

LG’s efforts for a battery-operated face mask

COVID-19 paved the way for responsible and compassionate individuals to wear masks. That also opened a new opportunity for “wearable technology” to come in. If you combine the two, you’re getting “high-tech face masks.” 


That’s a “light-bulb” moment! Like I said earlier, LG is at the helm of this revolutionary idea. They call it the “LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier.” The first of its kind, it’s a very useful product. The battery-operated face mask aims to provide fresh air wherever you are. 

The mask works like a mini air purifier. This is possible with a combination of a fan and a Hepa filter on both sides. There’s more! They included a “patented respiratory sensor.” It automatically detects the user’s breathing cycle and adjusts the fan speed properly. 

The synchronization of the fan and the wearer’s breathing cycle is the key to “effortless

breathing.” Design-wise, the mask looks huge. I don’t know for sure if it’s just about being highly Photoshopped but LG says it’s very comfortable to wear for eight hours.

There’s a very good reason why it belongs to the high-tech gadgets category. And YES, it comes with an app. This lets you know when the mask needs to recharge, and the case works as a disinfectant case. Thanks to its UV-LED disinfectant light. 

Does It Work

You know the dynamics. Everything a tech company produces related to the COVID-19 pandemic is subject to skepticism. And by far, LG hasn’t proven the mask’s efficacy yet. 

International Business Times

The company’s press release doesn’t claim the mask being able to stop the COVID-19 transmission. Likewise, they don’t make any claim about the effectiveness of the filter. However, the only claim they have is “clean air.” 

On the other hand, the CDC or (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines state that “masks with exhalation vents or valves should never be worn in public. This is to prevent any person wearing it from spreading the virus. 

While the HEPA filter is capable of stopping respiratory particles, so does every N95 mask. However, the LG mask says it will “take in clean-filtered air.” That’s all! They are not saying something about filtering the exhaled air. 

The mask will be available in the fourth quarter in selected markets. But before that day, we recommend you wear the already available masks. They’re cheaper, lighter, and comfortable. The key to not risking an infection is to wear a mask!