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KFConsole Is Here And It Promises To Keep Your Chicken Warm

KFConsole brings one key advantage over Xbox Series X and PS5: it’s gonna make sure your chicken stays warm while you’re playing your favorite game. You’ve ensured a warm chicken for dinner. 

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The KFConsole is manufactured in partnership with none other than the popular PC hardware maker, Cooler Master. It promises to keep your chicken warm thanks to its built-in chicken chamber. It’s the first of its kind in the world. 

Here’s the interesting part. The KFConsole is approved by Colonel Sanders himself. It features the solution to the problem no one cared about before. And that’s to keep your chicken warm while you focus on playing your favorite game. 

Moreover, the console was said to materialize in June. At the time, it caused a ruckus on social media. Strangely, the console from the popular food chain is finally here. Furthermore, the KFConsole is primarily designed to keep any purchased food as fresh as possible.  It’s simply something the PS5 and Xbox X series can’t do. 

In addition, the console is custom-built to extract the heat through the external part of the chicken chamber. As a result, your purchased food will remain warm. Here’s a little techie part. The console is a capable computer in and of itself. 

That’s because it features a top-end Intel CPU, Asus mini-GPU, two NVMe SSD 1TB SSD from Seagate. While the idea is kinda silly and nonsense, it’s also what we need because of the depressing events throughout the year. 

On the other hand, the console doesn’t have a release date, a set price, or a technical specification, but it does have a website. With that being said, we hope for the positive response of KFC fans would dig in with the idea.