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Introducing The New Microsoft Surface Earbuds

The new Surface Earbuds feature an excellent design, comfort, captivating audio quality, longer battery life and helps you get the best out of Microsoft 365. 


You’ll never miss a beat with the new Surface Earbuds from Microsoft. Thanks to its innovative design using four anchor points it helps secure the device in your ear. This innovative design results in an ultra-comfortable and stable fit. Also, you can choose the best size that fits your ear using its interchangeable silicone ear tips. 

Also, you can take full control of your device. That’s because it comes with a responsive touch surface that allows smart gestures like swipe, touch, and tap. For this reason, the Microsoft Surface Earbuds is named appropriately since it doesn’t fully seal off your ear canal. Likewise, it features a rich sound quality and perfect fit. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t justify its $200 price tag. In addition, there are other better options than the Surface Earbuds. Likewise, a lot of them come with useful features like noise cancellation, EQ apps, and higher water-resistance ratings. 

An extraordinary design

The Surface Earbuds are available in gray and off-white models. That’s on top of its interesting design. Moreover, the external control panel has a full, flat circle, and a large enough earpiece to ensure the right contact with your ear for better stability. 

This is important since the earbuds need more stabilization because of their no-seal ear canal design. Also, it comes with three pairs of sleeve-like covers that help secure a good fit. As a result, the earbuds will fit in place in moderate exercise. 

The earbuds’ shape is specifically designed to make users wear them in a single way. In theory, this will solve any potential audio inconsistencies. However, unlike other earbud models, there is enough movement without the actual ear canal seal. 

For playback controls and call management, you can double-tap either one of the earbuds on your ear. Likewise, the left earbud allows forward and backward swiping to skip the tracks. On the other hand, swiping up and down on the right earbud will adjust the volume. Additionally, tapping or holding either earbud will activate the voice assistant. 

In addition, it has the same IPX4 rating as the Apple Airpods Pro. This means it can handle mist and light water splashes. In fact, you can wear them even when it’s raining. But make sure to take them off when heavy downfall, rinse them off in a faucet or place them in the charger case when wet. 

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds come in a compact charging case. Also, it has a flip-top lid in a matte surface. It includes USB-C and USB-A charging cable. Thanks to its perfect circle design, the earbuds drop easily into place when docked. 

In perspective, Microsoft estimates an eight-hour battery life and an additional 24-hours in the case. However, this depends on the volume levels you use. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and supports SBC Bluetooth codecs and AptX. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support AAC.