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Intel’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop Revealed At CES 2021

These high-end gaming laptops are perfect for people on-the-go. 


The Razer Blade 13 blew everyone’s mind at the previous IFA 2019. Thanks to its dedicated graphic card integration into the 13-inch Ultrabook chassis. As a result, we have an ultra-portable gaming laptop. 

But at the recent CES 2021, Intel is taking the idea further. The hardware giant is launching its 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H35 processors. Truth is, Intel is launching three high-end processors into their gaming laptops. 

Here’s the best part. These laptops are not as bulky as traditional gaming laptops in the market. Intel aims to make these laptops as thinner and lighter as possible. Additionally, the goal is to make a high-end gaming laptop in a portable-sized chassis. 

What does that translate into? It should be perfect for travel. Moreover, these new Intel processors are available in 4 cores and 8 threads with up to 5GHz single core. On the other hand, Intel claims the new processors will be able to deliver up to 15% faster than the previous 10th-Gen H-series Core i7 processor. 

According to Intel, these laptops will measure around 18mm or 0.7 inches thick. Unfortunately, Intel didn’t give the exact release date of the Tiger Lake H35. What we’re sure of is it’s coming out very soon.