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Here’s What The New Line Of iMacs Look Like

Apple unveiled its new iMac models in their Spring Loaded event last Tuesday. The new line of iMacs is getting a fresh new look after their first redesign in 2012. 


After about a decade, Apple is giving its new line of iMacs a fresh, new look. The new models have thinner bezels, a 24-inch screen, an upgraded camera, a microphone, and speakers. These new models are available in red, blue, yellow, purple, and orange. 

Aside from their additional features, the new iMac prices start at $1,299 t0 $1,499. Preorder will start on April 30. Likewise, these new products are believed to be available in late May. Furthermore, the new iMacs feature an excellent 1080p camera. 

The improved camera is intended for video conferences since COVID-19 forced the majority of the workforce to work from home. According to the company, the camera is equipped with a bigger sensor. This helps the camera perform even in low light. And then, the keyboard. 

The new iMac keyboard is also interesting as it’s equipped with a Touch ID. The Touch ID uses a fingerprint security sensor. This is a key feature for a majority of Apple products. The fun doesn’t end there. 

Apple fans will surely love the idea that the new iMac lineup will use the highly applauded and revolutionary M1 Chip. For those who don’t know yet, the new M1 Chip is a company-designed and built processor. The M1 chip debuted last year. 

While many doubted its capacity being fan-less, however, everyone was caught off guard after a lot of reviews came out that it performed even better with the pro version. Yes, you got that right. The M1 surpassed everyone’s expectations. 

In fact, the M1-powered laptops became a milestone for the company. Let’s get back to Apple’s annual spring event. Despite the event hosted on virtual grounds, the company revealed their other new products like the Apple TV streaming box and the iPad Pro. 

Moreover, the new iMacs are getting a fresh-new design since 2012. On the other hand, the new color variety is not entirely new. In fact, it’s going back to the original candy-colored iMacs that Steve Jobs unveiled back in 1998. 

This is where Apple earned a cult following, which eventually gave them a place in history. With the new M1 chips placed in the famous iMacs, Apple is now the only major computer company that designs and manufactures its own chips. 

That means they will no longer depend on outside companies like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD to supply their microprocessors. While the M1 received a lot of accolades, it remains a new concept. It still has a lot to prove. On the contrary, Apple made one big decision that reminded us of their innovative culture. 

While most people don’t give careful thought to the components, Apple’s bold move could open new opportunities not just for the company but for the tech industry as a whole. In fact, there’s more to the M1 chips than meets the eye. Aside from spending $1 billion to acquire about half a dozen companies, Apple has already spent a decade on its research and development. 

As a result, Apple has created a more powerful and energy-efficient chip. This bold but calculated decision freed them from relying on Intel chips known for overheating and the fans getting so loud. In addition, the new Mac computers are smaller and slimmer, have more power, and longer battery life. 

Likewise, the company has full control of the features they want to release. This means they can manage when and how they want to introduce new products. The very first M1-powered Macs that were released last year include the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.