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Heads Up Samsung Fans, The Galaxy Buds Pro Is Out And It’s Only $200

Samsung’s latest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro has a new design and active noise canceling. Get yours now for only $200. 


Are you looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s release date? You’re in for a great start. It’s now officially released and you can buy them for only $200. However, they’re only offering the price alongside Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 smartphones. 

Unfortunately, the Buds Pro didn’t include in the recent CES 2021. That’s because they just arrived when the show is coming to an end. Also, these latest earbuds from Samsung is one of the high-end headphones that hit the market this new year. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an upgraded noise-canceling version that you saw with the Galaxy Buds Plus you’ll be disappointed. That’s because Samsung didn’t keep the old design. In fact, they created a totally new earbud that comes with its own drivers. 

Moreover, it’s like a cross between the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Plus. Also, it’s available for USB-C and wireless charging. Samsung is making their earbuds more exciting. For example, they’re calling the new colors phantom black, violet, and silver. 

Likewise, these new buds are waterproof. In fact, they have an IPX7 rating. The highest Samsung received so far. There are also some added features in the sound division. That’s because it got the Ambient mode along with the noise canceling.

That means you have the option to hear the outside noise if you so prefer. This is especially helpful when talking to someone or receiving calls. It’s a cool feature when you have a quick chat with someone. 

In addition, this works well with Android devices. It’s not limited to the Samsung Galaxy models. Unfortunately, it’s not available with Apple iOS devices. According to Samsung, these earbuds don’t link with the Galaxy Buds app with the iOS.