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Google Nest Hub’s Latest Update Lets You Track Your Sleep Without Using Cameras And Wearables

Sleep Sensing is the new feature you want to try with the new Google Nest Hub. It’s the product of Google’s Soli Technology that tracks your sleep even without using cameras and other wearables.  


Google’s new  Nest Hub features the newest technology that senses your sleep habits. What’s even amazing is the fact that it doesn’t use any cameras. Instead, it uses miniature radar to monitor your sleep. But that’s not all. There are other notable updates from the Nest Hub smart display. 

The new Nest Hub comes in two additional colors: sand and mist. This is an addition to the charcoal and chalk. While the new update doesn’t have many differences from its predecessor, the most notable features with the design are the new edgeless glass display and the mechanical parts that are made from recycled plastic. 

As with the sound department, the new Nest Hub has improved bass. However, the company said that the new model follows the same sound technology used for Nest Audio. This is Google’s premium smart speaker that was released last year. The big difference is the 50% additional bass compared to the older version. 

Moreover, the new device offers streaming support for podcasts, music, and audiobooks from major audio streaming platforms like Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Likewise, you’ll get all the standard features from the older versions in this new smart display. 

Additional features 

The new version comes with a gesture control but different from the Nest Hub Max. That’s because the new Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera. Instead, Google uses MotionSense technology through Soli. It’s a low-energy radar technology that was used by Pixel phones. Motion Sense allows you to pause and play content by tapping into the air in front of the Nest Hub.

Similar to the Nest Audio and Nest Mini, the new version comes with a dedicated on-device chip with machine learning capabilities. Moreover, the machine learning chip allows the Nest Hub to learn more commands, and it also responds a lot faster. However, this feature is only available in the US only. 

Likewise, the new Nest Hub features a built-in Thread radio. This is the forward-looking nod on the Project CHIP. This is a collective effort that involves big companies like Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance. This aims to make a universal smart home standard. 

Soli Sleep Sensing 

This is one of the biggest and the newest features on the new Nest Hub. The Sleep Sensing feature helps you track your sleeping habits without using a wearable device or camera. This feature uses Motion Sense technology and analyzes your sleeping patterns based on your breathing and movement. 

It’s also capable of detecting snoring, coughing, and even temperature and light changes. This is possible with the hub’s built-in microphones, temperature, and light sensors. Moreover, the sleep summaries are displayed on the device or in your Google Fit app for your smartphone. Google also suggests ways to enhance your sleep using the data gathered by the device. 

Furthermore, you can also disable the feature if you feel weird about it. You see the visual indicator on the smart display when it’s on. On the other hand, Motion Sense can only detect motion, not bodies and faces. Coughing and snoring are also processed on the device itself. It’s important to remember that when you disable the Sleep Sensing feature, you must also include the physical switch to disable the microphone. 

In addition, the Sleep Sensing feature is available in the new Nest Hub only as a free preview until next year.