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Epic Has A New Powerful Tool That Lets You Create Impressive Digital Human Characters Within Minutes

Here’s what’s new with Epic tools. It can create realistic, complete human animation figures with Unreal Engine. 

Venture Beat

Epic, the company behind Fortnite and the company that fought Apple for their cut in the App Store sales, has created some of the best game development tools. As part of Unreal Engine, they launched MetaHuman Creator. 

This tool aims to create customized photorealistic digital humans. These characters are complete with clothing, hair, etc., in minutes. This is more important today as video games, along with simulations, need to be as realistic as possible. So do the characters. 

The characters are as realistic as possible using today’s technology. According to Epic, “the tool allows you to directly manage and manipulate skin complexion, facial features, clothing, hairstyles, body type, edit the character’s teeth, etc. 

Developers will surely love this tool. It will save them time, effort, and even precious resources. This is just another reason why developers need to consider using Unreal Engine from Epic if they want to get the edge over their competitors. 

Moreover, MetaHuman Creator will be available as a “cloud-based app.” The created characters can be imported into Unreal Engine. Unfortunately, Epic is only giving us a sneak peek while developers can download some sample characters that they can start playing with. The tool will be available later this year.