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Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2020

There are different types of vacuum cleaners available today. It’s actually confusing when choosing what’s best for your needs. So, we made a list of the best vacuum cleaners in the market to narrow down your choices. 

Cathey’s Sewing Vacuum

Cleaning your home isn’t really what you consider fun. However, it’s one of the most important household chores that you can’t afford to ignore. With that being said, you need to do it no matter what. Aside from making your home clean and tidy, it also brings a lot of health benefits. 

In fact, regular vacuuming tends to eliminate pollutants and other allergens. That’s because dirty carpets, mattresses, and sofa upholstery can trap all kinds of respiratory irritants like dirt, dust, mites, pet dander, etc. This often results in sneezing, coughs, and runny nose. 

For this reason, officials from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation in America highly recommend that you vacuum your home at least once or twice a week. Likewise, you need a good quality vacuum; otherwise, microscopic particles will be released back into the air and will be inhaled by you and your kids. 

Here are four other benefits of regular vacuuming:

  1. Remove dust mites 

There’s always the possibility that your home is infested with dust mites. That’s because these are microscopic pests that are impossible to the naked eye. The worst part is they leave behind body fragments and feces, which causes allergy attacks. 

  1. Results in better skin quality

Aside from causing respiratory problems, household dirt particles can cause irritation for sensitive skins like itchiness and rashes. When you’re doing your regular vacuuming, it’s important to use different attachments to make sure they’re sucked up from all surfaces. 

  1. Enhances psychological well-being 

A clean house lifts a load of mental stress after a tedious cleaning session. In fact, studies show that keeping your house clean and organized tend to produce positive effects on people’s stress levels. Although it’s difficult to clean a whole house, it’s best to start with choosing a good vacuum cleaner. 

  1. It’s a good exercise 

Getting a good workout doesn’t really require a gym membership. In fact, a good home cleaning session is a good workout. Research shows that vacuuming and scrubbing your entire floor is a good exercise for the heart and can even extend your lifespan. 

Choosing the best vacuum cleaners 

There are many vacuum cleaners available today. However, they just fall into two major types: uprights and canisters. In the US and Great Britain, upright vacuums have been the most favorite. But in Europe and the other parts of the world prefer canisters. 

Upright vacuums feature a revolving brush roll to stir and a suction motor. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning synthetic carpeting such as nylon, olefin, and polyester. It also has onboard attachments and integrated extension hoses, making uprights highly versatile, which allows additional features compared to canisters. 

On the other hand, canisters are far more versatile since they offer outstanding cleaning performance for carpets, smooth floors, and above-floor surfaces. Thanks to its cleaning tools that feature a hose and wand, it is more maneuverable than uprights. Also, they can get easily under tight spaces and different furniture. 

There are three types of canister vacuum cleaners, namely, straight suction vacuum cleaner, turbo or turbine floor tool, and the power brush floor tool. All three types use a hose, wands, floor tools, and tool attachments. 

Bag and Bagless  

After knowing the two major types of vacuum cleaners, the next important thing is to choose between bag and bagless vacuums. With this in mind, most people who have allergies and asthma use the vacuum with the dust bag. 

While there is nothing wrong with bagless vacuums, those who have these conditions should consider getting exposed to the dust when they buy bagless vacuums. Likewise, bagless vacuum cleaners should be handled with extra care. It’s important to remove it from your home since it can release a cloud of dust and other allergens into the air. 

Also, a number of bagless vacuums use filters that require you to brush or wash to remove the particles. It also poses a threat when released into the air. In addition, keep in mind that dirt travels throughout the whole vacuum system. This makes bagless vacuum cleaners impossible to prevent air leakage through non-filtered openings. 

Having said this, you can choose what vacuum cleaner best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a canister, an upright vac, or anything in between, make sure to check this list to get the best value-for-your-money. 

React Powered Reach Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

Best budget vacuum cleaner 


This Hoover vacuum cleaner can handle carpet and bare floors almost immediately. It features a FloorSense Technology that instantly adjusts the brush speed to prevent any scattering and damage to the floor surface. Thanks to this automatic function, you don’t have to flip a switch or turn a dial. 

It comes with a removable floor canister to help you reach below furniture and above-floor cleaning a lot easier. There are four attachments included such as the motorized brush roll tool, a crevice tool, a soft bendable dusting brush, and a stationery dusting brush. 

Pet Hair Eraser Lift-off Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

Best vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair 


Bissell has a Good Housekeeping Seal star thanks to its capability to completely suck up every piece of pet hair from any surface. A detachable canister can fit into tight spaces such as under or behind furniture, stair rails, and reach places in cars, among others. 

It features a tangle-free brush roll that prevents pet hair from clogging the bristles. The canister also comes with a hair spooling system inside, which contains the mess for easy cleaning. There’s also a sealed allergen system that traps fine particles. The filter uses Febreze technology to eliminate stale odors from vacuuming pet hair. 

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

The best cordless vacuum cleaner if you have a bigger home 


The Dyson V11 Outsize looks identical to the V10 Absolute. The big difference is the significant updates that homeowners would surely love. If you have a big house with a large floor surface, the Dyson V11 is worth considering. 

It’s important to note its extra-wide cleaning head and dust bin. This allows more surface to floor area to clean and less cleaning of the dust bin. It has three power levels; eco, medium or auto, and boost. This adjustment of the suction prevents too much suction of heavy dirt on expensive rugs. 

The auto-mode allows the vacuum to automatically adjust its suction from bare floor or carpet. It has an impressive suction with good head maneuverability around furniture legs and tight spaces. Additionally, it’s cordless with up to two hours of operation time. 

Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Best canister vacuum cleaner, ideal for soft carpet cleaning 


This vacuum from Miele got its Good Housekeeping Seal thanks to its effective cleaning of any floor type. It features a dusting brush, telescoping wand, and a crevice tool that can handle any food type. It’s also good for hard-to-clean plush carpets thanks to its power nozzle and brush roll. 

Likewise, you can adjust to five different levels depending on your needs. This vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to lift up dirt, pet hair, and dust. Most importantly, homeowners with allergies and asthma will never have to worry about inhaling allergens, thanks to its high-quality filtration bag. 

It’s also equipped with HEPA AirClean filters to effectively prevent dust from getting released back into the air. 

APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

Best bagless HEPA vacuum cleaner 


If you’re into bagless vacuums that are capable of filtering out even the tiniest particles, then the Shark APEX is your best choice. It has excellent cleaning performance on both bare floors and carpets. It’s also one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market. 

Meanwhile, it’s an upright vacuum that converts into a canister with just a press of a button. It lets you clean stairs, hard to reach corners, and behind furniture easily. The vacuum is sealed to improve dust retention with a washable HEPA filter. Pet owners will surely love the brush roll that’s designed primarily to lessen hair tangles. 

AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Best elementary-grade cordless vacuum cleaner 


This vacuum cleaner also holds a GH Seal for a cordless vacuum. It’s currently one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market with an impressive 37-minute operation. It comes with a handle that lays completely flat on the ground with a rotating base. This allows easy cleaning under furniture and other hard-to-reach places. 

It has a strategically placed dust cup, but you need to keep in mind that this vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with any attachment. Also, it can’t be converted to a handheld vacuum. However, it’s a winner when it comes to performance and simplicity. 

Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Best composite vacuum cleaner 


Don’t underestimate this vacuum machine for its slim look. This 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner can go toe-to-toe with full-sized upright vacuum cleaners. The Dyson stick vacuum cleaner is very easy-to-use. It comes with two heads for carpets and bare floors. 

It’s extra lightweight and can be converted to a handheld vacuum. It features versatility with three power modes, a crevice tool, and a dusting and upholstery tool. Also, it comes with a soft, tiny dusting brush and a motorized tool equipped with a rotating brush for carpeted stairs and fabrics.