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Best Prepaid Phone Deals In October 2020

Do you want more control over your mobile phone? Prepaid cell phones offer better control over your mobile phone usage. If you’re trying to avoid billing contract penalties, or you don’t want to enter any long-term contract, you’re better off getting a prepaid mobile phone. 

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Prepaid cell phones offer features that are contract-free phones that work for certain people for their unique needs. Prepaid mobile phones or sometimes referred to as “burner phones” are affordable, temporary phones. In fact, some people call them “throwaway cell phones.” 

This is ideal for users who don’t want to enter into a contract with a carrier. Prepaid phones are for people who need a temporary phone that doesn’t come with advanced capabilities and contract commitments. 

Prepaid phones are not just affordable but they have other advantages as well. Here are some of the best advantages of prepaid phones: 

They’re private 

Prepaid phones don’t track your online activities. In fact, they’re best when used as your secondary contact number. This is desirable for a lot of situations because personal phone numbers should be for personal use. 

If you need to provide your contact information but you don’t want to give out your own mobile number, a prepaid phone can be useful for this kind of situation. 

It’s useful for emergencies 

In case your personal phone runs out of battery, a secondary prepaid phone can help you drastically in emergency situations. Since it’s able to call 911, you can rest assured that it got more juice than your personal phone. 

Moreover, the FCC requires that every mobile phone is able to dial 911 regardless of the data and cost. 

They don’t require contracts 

Prepaid phones let you pay for talk time and text messages only. So, if you need more, you only have to buy more but you’re not required to enter into a contract with a carrier. 

With all these benefits, it’s time to get into the best deals possible. Without further ado, these are the best prepaid phone deals in October 2020. 

iPhone SE at Visible

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Visible offers the iPhone SE for $384 with a free $100 gift card and case. We know there’s not much to save on the phone itself, in fact, only $15. However, Visible is sweetening the deal with the free Speck case with every purchase of the new iPhone SE. 

If you’re thinking of buying, they’re giving a gift card worth $100 prepaid Mastercard virtual account. 

Apple iPhone SE at Boost Mobile 


Boost Mobile is offering a generous $100 discount. It’s straight-up $100 off on all iPhone models. That means you get a nice price cut on the brand new iPhone SE. But wait, there’s another thing. They couple it with affordable prepaid plans that seem to be a match made in heaven. 

You’ve got a straight $100 discount on the phone and then on your monthly bill. 

Apple iPhone SE at Mint Mobile 

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Mint Mobile is giving away a fantastic all-in-one package with the iPhone SE on a limited time offer. They’re giving a few bucks off on monthly phone installment and a two-year premium wireless access for just $15 a month. It’s a great value package. 


Samsung Galaxy S20 at Boost Mobile 

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Boost Mobile is offering a $100 off on the Samsung Galaxy S20 without requiring you to sign a contract or trading your old phone. While you have to pay upfront on the phone, you can freely change the plan if you want to. In addition, this deal doesn’t get you stuck in a costly unlimited plan.